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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Kilgore – Counters and Matchups


Kilgore (codename UA-CCIX) is a new character introduced in the post-Season Three content of Killer Instinct (2013). As part of the classic heavy-attack cyborgs series produced by Ultratech in the distant past, this war machine was the last remaining unit of the decommissioned CCIX series precursor to Fulgore cyborgs.

Kilgore Moveset


Chain Gun Discharge

He quickly shoots bullets from his chain gun at the opponent’s torso, feet, or from the air. All versions can be blocked at a high or low level.

Chain Gun Sweep

He moves backward while sweeping his gun in an arc, firing bullets at the opponent.


He does the headbutt to his opponent, causing stagger on hit. Safe to block from all common attacks.


He elbowed his opponent, causing a difficult juggling and knockout. Beneficial if blocked.

Short Circuit

He briefly disappears, before reappearing where it was. Invincible with all attacks and projectiles instantly, but can be thrown at any time or hit in the short recovery time in the end.

Chain Gun Dash

He charged forward while firing his chain gun. The strength of the button determines the distance Kilgore moves forward.

Chain Gun Barrage

He fires bullets at a specific part of the screen. The strength of the button determines the target; shoot lightly to the ground and can shoot down opponents, while shooting medium and heavy into the air at two different angles.

Metal Ball

He forms a ball and rushes at the opponent. The button strength determines the angle; The light travels horizontally and the heavy object moves high vertically.

Missile Pod

He fires three rockets from his chest. The strength of the button determines the missile’s behavior; the light travels in a straight line, the intermediate vehicle travels in a straight line towards the target, while the heavy object travels vertically away from the screen before returning to the target.

Chain Gun Assault

He fires bullets at his opponent while performing an uppercut. The button strength determines start and travel distance; Light objects travel quickly vertically while heavy objects slide along the ground quite a distance before flying up.

Kilgore Strengths

He is possibly the best zoning character in the game. Complete with full screen, almost instant chaingun at multiple angles, and high damage rockets, as well as the ability to use a ball bar to cancel them at any time to punish approaches, Kilgore can keep many characters almost entirely at a distance. Situationally, he is also a close combat fighter and can punish certain high-risk moves, like the DP, with very strong unbreakable damage.



He has some obvious weaknesses. He’s a largely insecure figure; unless he gets too hot, all his special moves at close range are very unsafe when blocked and his regular stats don’t help him maintain his frame advantage, so he needs to play from a distance in most cases to be successful. He also needs a lot of practice to fix his relatively low damage; Without specific knowledge and settings, his damage struggles to compete. He also needs a very strong reaction and awareness time to maintain his strong zoning, so if you get overwhelmed for a short while and let something slip through, plan the game of Kilgore can be broken quickly.