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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Kim Wu – Counters and Matchups

Kim Wu

Kim Wu is a playable female character of Korean-Chinese descent, who was first introduced in the 1996 video game Killer Instinct 2. A young and middle-aged martial arts prodigy City, specializing in nunchaku, she was chosen by an ancient dragon spirit to save the world from a terrible evil. She was reintroduced into the Assassin Instinct series after twenty years on March 29, 2016, as the second new character to be released in Season Three of Killer Instinct (2013).

Kim Wu Moveset

Kim Wu

Way of the Dragon

Kim spins his punches around the body as long as you keep pressing MP or HP. This works on hit, block, and whiff.

Dragon Sweep

Kim stepped forward while kicking the opponent in the leg. This attack is low, causing a strong knockdown on hit and -5 on blocking.

Dragon Grasp

Kim grabbed her opponent, then flipped them over on their bodies, swapping inside while letting both characters stand.

Dragon Counter

Kim held out the nunchuks in front of him, trying to catch the opponent’s blow. If she succeeds, she will push her opponent away and earn a Dragon God, dealing a small amount of damage.

Dragon Cancel

Kim spends a Dragon Spirit to cancel any neutral or attack status into a quick advance.

Dragon Cannon

Kim Wu spends a Dragon Spirit to shoot a dragon bullet very quickly through the screen, causing dizziness when hit by bullets.


Kim spun her thighs in a circle in front of her. The strength of the button determines Kim’s movement; The lightweight version keeps Kim still, while the medium one moves her back and the heavy version moves her forward.

Dragon Dance

Kim lunges forward while performing various kicks. The strength of the button determines the behavior; the lightweight version performs a high jump heel, the average does a two-shot swing smoothly when blocking and the heavy does a two-shot throw with more range but a disadvantage in blocking.

Dragon Kick

Kim flies forward on the screen with her feet wide open. The button strength determines the angle; The light version can hit opponents on the ground, while the medium and heavy versions can only hit opponents in the air and travel at angles between 30 and 60 degrees.

Kim Wu Strengths

Kim’s strengths are clear; She has solid feet, is an excellent punishing hand, and high damage. She can discourage her opponent’s approach by getting them to dive into fast, good long-range shots, and Kim Wu doesn’t like to give up her attack easily, with special moves. beneficial when blocking. She can also use Dragon Cancels to make her attack behavior non-linear and keep reversing safe. Kim is a character with little gimmicks but a solid game plan.


Kim Wu

Kim’s reliance on a grounded bond meant that when she was forced to change her style, she could have trouble. She has a bounce jump, making aerial access difficult without using Dragon Spirits, and she doesn’t have low-range long-range attacks, which makes high blocking for Kim Wu strategic.

Her defenses are solid but more susceptible to bait than some other characters; she has to bet with Dragon Counter, her close-range air defense requires precise timing, and her true inversion, the shadowy Dragon Kick, can be avoided by pre-jump and has horizontal range short. While Kim is not a ploy horse, forcing her to play out of her comfort zone is well defined as how you can be successful.