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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Maxi – Counters and Matchups


Maxi is known as the Dandy of the Seas and uses his Nunchaku named Fatibal in a never-ending dance using Shissen Karihadi’s fighting style. Despite being a short-range fighter, his weapons were constantly in motion, making attacks unpredictable at all angles and instantly expandable.

Soul Calibur 6 Maxi Strategy


Also known as “Dandy of the Seas”, the real maxi game is to get the opponent to guess with his series of quick attacks, dealing less damage but rather finding opportunities to execute regularly.

Although his weapon is best for close-range attacks, his long series of dangerous high-low blends will confuse opponents with unpredictable attacks.

Playing Style

Since you will always be using Nunchuks, you need to have a way to approach it and stay that way. With that in mind, dive in with Striking Snake (f, hold f + A), Rolling Sobat (f, hold f + K), or Dragon Cannon (f, hold f + B).

After you’ve moved in close, use your mid-attack pretty well, Dragon’s Brand (f A + B) as it deflects your opponent’s high attacks. You can also use Slashing Dance (d + A + B) for low attacks that cannot be easily seen.

Some devastating combos can be started with the mid-attack, Snake Wing Sobat (b + B, B, K). As a middle attack, it would also work against crouched opponents.

On the second attack, you can cancel on Right Cross (b + B, B, A, A) and then continue on Dragon’s Beard (A, A) to do some good damage.

Critical Edge

You can cancel this “Raging Dragon Zodiac” Critical Edge from the Neutral Guardian stance.

The move has a long-range and is a mid-range attack with demolition properties. You can also hold the last command to move into other poses and use attacks below them.

Soul Charge

Soul Charge has two functions for the character Maxi.

First, Dragon’s Brand and his Dragon’s Cross (A, B in the Right Cross) become break attacks on a hit that will allow him to switch to a Left Passive pose where he has can perform more moves.

Backfist Blow (B) is one of the moves you can do to deal some damage to the Passive on the left.

The second function is to increase the combined chances of the Maxi by allowing additional moves to follow.

In the Outward Right pose, you can perform Ocean Splitter (A + B) or Crashing Wave (A, A + B). While in Left Outer pose, the only attack possible is Lightning Dragon (B, A + B).

Maxi Reversal Edge


Reversal Edge can be combined with any one of the attack buttons: A, B, or K, each resulting in different effects:

Next with A, you can perform a Crashing Wave attack and switch to a different pose: Behind Lower (A) or Outside Right (hold A).

Next with B, you can do some high-damage aerial moves. These two include Reverse from the normal attack of the reversed edge, or on a critical hit, you can switch to Dragon Pounce mode (K, then hold K in Passive on the left).

Next with K, you launch a safe kick when tackling and cause a good feedback effect, which can lead to games.