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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Mira – Counters and Matchups


Mira Fallegeros is the character introduced in the third season of Killer Instinct (2013). She is a former member of the Shadow Guard Team and Maya’s twin sister who sacrificed years ago to save Maya on a failed mission to destroy vampires, but she has returned as one of the things that they come to destroy. Now a member of the Russian Vampire Society, she has become the favored lieutenant of an ancient vampire master known as the “True Czar”.

Mira Moveset


Vicious Strikes

She stepped forward and launched a series of four-shot attacks.

Air Dash

She rushed forward or backward while in the air. Once completed, you can attack from the air or use Mist Form once per jump.

Mist Form

She disappears in a mist, travels through the air to a new location, then reappears. Can be driven in any direction and used from the air.


She launches a drill with a drill at her opponent’s feet. This attack does not hit low. The strength of the button determines the behavior; the light version goes the furthest but is unsafe to tackle, the mid-sized version goes past the opponent and puts her at a disadvantage, and the heavy version ends with a flip kick and leaves her the advantage. +2.


She grabbed her opponent and bit their necks. The button strength determines the angle; the light version is taken from close range, the midsize version acts as anti-air and the heavy version is slow to operate, but Mira leaps forward before grabbing in front of her.

Blood Seekers

She throws three Blood Seeker bat projectile. The strength of the button determines the behavior; the light version moves in a straight line, the midsize version tracks the opponent’s position when activated, and the heavy version keeps track of the opponent.


She uses gloves in this two-stage attack. The strength of the button determines the behavior; light attack hits in between twice and has a disadvantage but is safe to block, the medium hit hits the middle and then goes low, and the heavy attack goes in the middle and then goes in the air, and also retains the opponent prime in the air.

Mira Strengths

She has everything in Killer Instinct. She has an unbelievable amount of damage, high-low-low mixed fights inaccurately pressure, strong space control projectiles, very good ball movement, above-average altitude, and maneuverability The nearly unrivaled overhead results in very vague mixes that are almost at will. When a Mira player is on her way, she will be very hard to stop and any mistakes made against her can be punished for your whole life. In theory, she could be the strongest character in the entire game.



Ah, if only it were so easy. Her extremely pronounced weakness is her “blood” system, a mechanic that can slowly kill her every time she uses most of her outstanding tools. You should be able to dominate most of the game, then look up your health bar and see that you and your opponent are really even. To compensate, Mira had to spend time on healing with moves that did not damage enemies. Although difficult to block, her attack can also be easily dealt with by good defenders, and she has weaker air resistance than average.