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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Omen – Counters and Matchups


Omen is the demon messenger of the Gargos and the secondary villain in Killer Instinct (2013). He is a minor character in Season 2 (the 5th character of the season and the 14th in general) and is the dark spirit that possesses Warrior Jago, making him into Shadow Jago. He is a loyal servant of the spirit god Gargos and is given the special task of preparing the world for his master’s return.

Omen Moveset


Furious Swipes

He walks forward a large distance while swiping forward twice.


He throws a fireball following one of 11 random patterns. The strength of the button determines the number of fireballs be thrown; Lower intensity throws fewer fireballs but also recovers faster. Shadow Rashakuken places three bullets behind his head, they shoot in a straight line at the opponent, in turn, hitting the opponent. Shadow Rashakuken does not disappear if it hits Omen.

Orda Shield

He summons a projectile from the ground, then directs it in a trajectory overhead. The strength of the node determines the number of hits; The Orda Shield light is also completely invulnerable during the boot process. Shadow Orda Shield places three bullets around his body, they will rotate and protect him. Shadow Orda Shield does not disappear if he is hit.

Demon Slide

He slides along the ground to strike low, switching sides with the opponent. The strength of the button determines the travel distance and safety on the block; light travels the smallest distance but is safe if blocked.

Furious Flurry

He kicks quickly into the empty space in front of you. The strength of the button determines the distance traveled before the first kick hits.

Shadow Form

He disappeared into a black shadow before reappearing. Completely invulnerable until recovery. When in the dark, the Omen can move short distances in any direction by holding the analog stick.

Demonic Despair

He reached out his hand in front of him to take a short-range command. When hit, deals 100% of potential damage before throwing the opponent to the other side of the stage. Completely invulnerable until grabbing starts. Shadow gauge costs all three. Starts very slowly before the screen freezes, but works soon after.

Omen Strengths

He strikes a great balance between an unpredictable zoning game, a strong leg game, and a hard-to-block left-right mix game that can start from the air or on the ground. He can take unsafe moves (or turn them into mixes) at the cost of a ball-measuring device, allowing him to keep his approaches varied and slippery. He is allowed to hold three shares of the metering meter, allowing him more freedom to use; it is rare for Omen to get caught without a metered for ball count or surprise mix, and all of his last men put the gauge back to his engine.



His end is mainly used for the setup; His lack of a real damage finisher, ball or otherwise, makes it very difficult to provoke a return from just one opening. Shadow Form is a good wake-up option with the watch, although it’s only for dodge, the only option without his meter is LP Orda Shield, an invincible move with an empty hitbox. reliable. His slow and hovering jump can be canceled to dash, which is great for mixes but damaging his approach to characters that are easy to control air space.