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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Orchid – Counters and Matchups


Orchid is a playable female warrior and the main character of the killer Instinct game, which stands out in every part of the series to date. As a secret agent and a trained assassin who has mysterious powers, he is sent by a dark organization to uncover the truth behind the Ultratech’s activities.

Orchid Moveset



She tumbled over while attacking twice with her heel. This attack hits the head.

Grenade Toss

She throws a grenade that explodes either late or in contact with the projectile. Hold down the button to increase timer and throw distance. The explosion still happened if she was hit.

Air Throw

She grabbed an opponent in the air and kicked them to the ground. Retrieves opponents if not used in a combo, otherwise, it will cause a bounce to the ground. Cannot be teched.

Flick Flack

Orchid stone banana tree. The strength of the button determines distance, damage, and safety. Unable to attack for low-end attacks. Shadow Flick Flack is highly lethal.

Ichi Ni San

She attacked quickly forward with her baton. Often referred to as rekka, this attack can be followed by three total attacks. The strength of the button for the first two attacks determines the distance.

Blockade Runner

She slipped along the ground to strike low. The button strength determines travel distance; More powerful versions will go as far but are unsafe if blocked.

Air Buster

She launched herself up, knees wide open. The strength of the button determines the damage and height of the attack. This attack is completely impregnable. The Shadow version is called Shadow Upper Firecat and can be destroyed by an air throw at the top.

Orchid Strengths

Of all the characters rushing down and controlling the screen, Orchid has the best walking speed and possibly the best mid-range slits, allowing her to control much of the range the opponent will be looking for. to get rid of her last fights. 

In return, her high-low game is a bit more reactive, but she has tools that can make these blends safe if she plans far enough. Her aerial throw is a powerful air-to-air option that captures opponents for a full-blown combo. There was a little place on the screen where she didn’t have powerful tools for the situation.



Most of her weaknesses will need a strong defense to perform. Her main pressure tool, Ichi Ni San, is able to fight dark situations with good responses and to get the right combination you have to commit an unsafe choice that can only be made. Show safety through extra tools that you may not always be able to prepare. 

In a game with a lot of unreasonable mixes, her moves are on the slightly slower side of the human reaction scale, making them more “fair”, but still fairly vulnerable. She likes to reach out with her strong horizontal moves due to her hovering jump, so if you can effectively occupy this space on the screen, the Orchid can be avoided.