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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Raphael – Counters and Matchups


He is known as Prelude to Madness and wields his sword named Flambert, in the fighting style La Rapiere des Sorel. Raphael can use lightning-fast attacks and attacks to attack from any angle with surprising reach, or strike the bait and ready to counterattack with quick stabs or slashes.

Raphael Bio

  • Age: 32
  • Birthplace: Rouen, French Empire
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 159 lbs.
  • Birth Date: November 27
  • Blood Type: A
  • Weapon: English Sword Rapier
  • Weapon Name: Flambert
  • Discipline: La Rapière des Sorel
  • Family: Foster daughter/Amy
  • Unlocked: Initially available.

Raphael, a member of the wealthy Sorel family, was kicked out of the house after killing a famous noble. While fleeing from the local government, Amy, an orphan living in the streets of Rouen, hid him. Thankful for what Amy did for him, he adopted her as his daughter. Later, after a fierce battle against Nightmare, he returns, severely injuring Amy. He was infected by the Devil’s Seed, and while Amy took care of him back to her health, she became infected as well. The two soon turned into vampires, and now search for the legendary soul Soul Calibur to create a world of their own.

Soul Calibur 6 Raphael Strategy

He is a decent average fighter. He has a lot of weapons on his sleeve, and the main thing that sets him apart from the others is how he uses his precision to constantly poke enemies without fear of any backlash.

Your hit and run strategy is about bread and butter on how you should play when you are Raphael.

You do not have a ton of damage and because of that; The best thing is that you don’t just rush in and try to beat everyone in a scuffle-style battle. Step back and use your range as much as you can to slowly but surely take down your enemies.

Some of your moves can be done much faster than usual if you use the “Prepare” pose. This stance is quite useful as it also gives you a lot of defense options to exploit and avoid enemy attacks.

Once you dodge an attack, you can use your Royal Poison to do more damage than they expect. Since you cannot fight it, you will inflict a lot of damage, and the enemy will have nothing to do until you finish.

Raphael Tips


Your Rapier’s strength is pretty much it. Any good player proficient in Raphael can guarantee that the enemy is at half HP before they get close to you.

You have many moves in your arsenal to drive enemies away from you and keep them there while you slowly wilt them and make them submit.

You also have certain attacks that cannot be stopped by enemies like Royal Poison. These attacks are very useful when you are caught by an opponent and need to get out of it.


As said before, the main thing you need to do is avoid any enemies coming near you. Once the enemy is near you, you’ve done because your attacks simply don’t damage anyone there.

What’s more, since you only have one main gameplay that you can use to deal damage, this means you are very susceptible to counterattacks.

Raphael is incredibly predictable and anyone with a bit of experience playing with him can easily take him down using a defensive play and then go all out when given the chance.