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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Rash – Counters and Matchups


Rash” (real name Dave Shar) is a wise member of Battletoads and a cameo character in Killer Instinct Season 3. He is one of the main protagonists of the series defeating Battletoads created by Rareware, developer of Original Killer Instinct. His feats with his toads, Zitz and Pimple, have guided them across the galaxy in battles against the evil Queen of Darkness.

Rash Moveset



Instead of running away, he ran forward on the screen. Any basic attack or special attack can be canceled, except for stationary HP; Pressing HP will instead cancel running into Heavy Battering Ram.

Wicked Tongue

He sticks his tongue out like a zip, then quickly pulled himself towards the target. Common attacks can be canceled. If Wicked Tongue pulled Rash into the air, he could strike down the path. Disadvantage if blocked.


He punched and kicked in a series of predetermined attacks. If you have a ball meter, this sequence will eventually launch the Shadow Battering Ram, followed by Shadow Big Bad Boot.

Rash Bash

Use two oversized fists to use two fists to punch the opponent’s head. This attack hits the head.

Battering Ram

He rushed towards his opponent, first. The strength of the button determines distance and safety; The heavy version moves the furthest way but is also quite insecure on the block, while the lightweight version suffers only a bit.

Wrecking Ball

He turned into a giant wrecked sphere and flew across the screen. The strength of the button determines the distance and angle of movement.

Big Bad Boot

He kicked his opponent with a comically enlarged boot version of him, tossing his opponent into the air. The strength of the button determines the start speed and angle of initiation; the lightweight version is fastest but doesn’t launch high, while the heavy version runs the slowest and most insecure, but launches very high. Big Bad Boot can be canceled as RUN! on the block or hit. Shadow Big Bad Boot attacks 10 times and is completely impregnable.

Rash Strengths

He is one of the most mobile and difficult characters in the game. With Wicked Tongue access, an 8-way zipline attack that can be used for ground and aerial approaches, he is often very slippery and plays a neutral game at its own pace. To support this, he has excellent benchmarks, allowing him to succeed in slower-paced, controlled matches. This combination of fast air speed and slow ground control can be combined and combined in ways to always make the opponent feel a step behind Rash. He is most successful when he can change the speed and is forced to foul from the opponent.



While he has excellent swinging abilities, his defense without clockwork is poor. Without his invincible move and a tough counterattack, if Rash is pinned by an opponent, he usually just needs to do a series of mixtures and hope to survive. Also, all of his special moves are negative when blocking, meaning attacking a smart opponent will cause him more than good. He thrives on keeping up high speed and hoping his opponents cannot keep up, but an opponent capable of defying him when he is at a disadvantage, even for a brief moment, will take control got a lot of his evil tricks.