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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Riptor – Counters and Matchups


Riptor is a genetically modified biological weapon created by Ultratech. A hybrid of human and reptilian DNA, she combines near-human intelligence and problem-solving abilities with the ferocity of extinct Raptor breeds – along with many innovations in biotech and cybernetics.

Riptor Moveset


Flame Carpet

She put a pool of fire in front of her. This attack does not hit low and cannot hit opponents who are jumping or attempting to jump.

Flame Breath

She spits fire in a three-stage target combo. The first attack can be aimed upwards for aerial protection by holding or as a low attack by holding. Full target matching is not safe if blocked.

Flame Mortar

She unleashes a projectile that fires an electrical projectile at the opponent’s current location. Hold down all three buttons to shoot up to three buttons in succession.

Unique Run Normals

While running forward, hit Flame’s HP, leap forward for a three-shot fast attack with flames, and hit HK for Tail Slap, a staggering low sweep.

Predator Stance

She bent very low to the ground in this pose. Press the three kick buttons again to leave the Predator pose.

Shoulder Charge

She leaps forward with her shoulder, crashing into the opponent. If blocked, go to Predator Stance. This move can also be imported via LP or MP while running. Shadow Shoulder Charge has high damage properties.

Talon Rake

She tries to rush at the opponent with her claws wide open. If blocked, Riptor bounces off his opponent and can perform a subsequent attack with a fireball by pressing P or Flip by the tail by pressing K.

Tail Flip

She flipped the front and landed on the back of her. The strength of the button indicates the distance traveled; The heavy version will usually move far enough away to become a fast cross attack.

Clever Girl

She bit hard into the space above her, grabbed his opponents, and smashed them to the ground to bounce. The strength of the button determines the horizontal distance of the attack. Shadow Clever Girl is completely impregnable.

Riptor Strengths

She is adept at annoying opponents with some powerful tools that help her run back and forth, allowing her to play a pretty annoying hit and run style. When your opponents are disappointed, she has exceptionally powerful dive tools; The unique Predator stance has several high-low variations and her Tail Flip special move, a quick left-right combination that can be performed from the ground and results in a hit combo, Perfect for normal cancel reset situations. Riptor can also choose from multiple secure blocking options while under pressure to keep a high threat level.



A strong defense can defeat Riptor. Easier said than done, her scariest and fastest combinations are pretty insecure to block, while her slower ones can be easily countered if you block them properly. Her ordinary characters in the mid-range might struggle to compete with some of the others, and good characters that narrow down the horizontal space in front of them can put her in a lot of trouble.