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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Sabrewulf – Counters and Matchups


Baron Konrad von Sabrewulf known as hímiinhaama (The Werewolf) in the Thunder and Eagle Nez Percé tribe, is a prime character of the Instinct series. assassin, playable in every title since his debut in the video game Killer Instinct (1994).

Sabrewulf Appearance


In the original Killer Instinct, he is a purple/blue humanoid werewolf with yellow eyes and long claws on his arms and legs, wearing only a tattered green shirt. . He has an unusually small waistline and a bulky upper body. However, if a person reaches the end of his arc in the game, his human form will be revealed as green, torn pants.

In Killer Instinct 2 / Gold, Sabrewulf was replaced by his arm with a cyber implant and lost his shirt, currently wearing torn red pants and a yellow belt. In both games, he has three bats with him.

Sabrewulf Moveset


He leaned back and charged forward with a claw attack, giving the block an advantage. Hold HP to charge. At maximum charge, Overpower cannot be blocked.


A hit that combines three targets. When stopping after MP, Sabrewulf remains safe in the block.

Diving Slash

He flies horizontally and descends from the air, rushing at his opponent. It is possible only from a neutral jump or transition. This attack is not an overhead attack but has the same recovery as a normal jump attack.

Ragged Edge

His claw glows blue in this running double claw. The button strength determines how long and very fast Shadow Ragged Edge moves.


He howled and swayed in an arc above his head. Light is faster and the damage is lower, heavy is slow, but the damage is higher. Shadow Eclipse is completely invincible.


He runs towards his opponent and can perform one of the next three attacks. The strength of the button determines the running speed. Shadow Jumping Slash, the shadow version, is invincible and retractable.


He slides along the ground to strike low, very fast. Not safe if blocked.

Jumping Slash

He lunges at the opponent to strike quickly in the air. Not safe if blocked.

Running Uppercut

He turns her face away from the camera and swings her front nail upwards. Hit the center and launch on hit, but safe if blocked.



Sabrewulf has some of the most frightening dives in the game. He has far-reaching high-low combined and he can dash through opponents to create left-right situations anytime he is near and far away, making him unpredictable before committing a crime and a terrifying reset character. His paws are incredibly strong for a character plunging down, which allows him to play a solid game to aid in moments of reckless abandon. He also has a very strong instinctive mode.


He has a very shallow jump that can make it difficult to approach characters that control a lot of space horizontally; To get in, he must commit to using Diving Slash and Hamstring. Despite his good ball reversal ability, he has a poor backlash that will force you to read firmly on your wake to survive, and without a meter, Sabrewulf must block all pressure. character’s attack when he wakes up.