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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Sadira – Counters and Matchups


Sadira is the first female villain introduced in the series. She is a mysterious female assassin with a loyal following to Ultratech, and she is the first brand new character to be revealed in the first season of Killer Instinct (2013).

Sadira Appearance


She is an extremely pale woman with long black hair and her eyes are also unusually bright yellow.

She wears a mulberry-colored outfit with a hood and decorative mask. She seemed to be wearing a pair of torn socks on her leg. Overall, her clothing appears to be Persian or Arabic designs, probably implying her nationality. She has winged gloves with two claws protruding from her knuckles.

Sadira Moveset

Widow’s Drop

She performs a vertical dive towards the ground. Like other aerial attacks, this is an open and overhead strike. Inflicts a ground bounce on opponents in the air.


She kicked her opponent in the head, then jumped. Sadira can steer left and right in the air after bouncing and can strike with any other aerial action if the Salticidae hits or is blocked. Meanwhile, it has a long landing recovery time.


She kicked forward, throwing her opponent into the air. Also a powerful air defense attack. Standing MP destroyed as Fang is a target combo.

Blade Demon

She turned to her opponent. The button’s strength determines the distance. Unable to attack for low-end attacks. Shadow Blade Demon is also impregnable with projectiles.


Sadira performs an upside-down, swinging with her foot. Heavy Recluse launches the opponent. Shadow Recluse is invulnerable before high attacks and acts immediately after the screen freezes.

Widow’s Bite

She throws an air dagger, then acts differently depending on the strength of the button. Light continues on her current path, on average bounce forward, and heavily pulls himself towards the opponent when hit or blocked, and acts as the opener. Heavy Widow’s Bite deals a tough knockdown on aerial opponents. Shadow Widow’s Bite throws multiple projectiles, then pulls it towards the opponent.

Web Cling

She rushed towards the wall behind her, then jumped off the wall. The button strength determines the jump angle. Additional aerial actions, like Widow’s Bite, or a jump strike can be performed after a wall jump. Shadow Web Cling is completely impregnable until she reaches the wall.



She has very strong aerial mobility, allowing her to both run away while plunging down opponents from a variety of aerial angles. Sadira can change her dance arc at will with her double jump and vertical dive to avoid enemies and find weak spots in your ground defenses, and turn any Which attack becomes a combination. Her instinctive mode is very strong and allows for difficult blends to avoid.


Her only truly invincible reversal is not an attack but an escape, often punished by wicked attackers, meaning Sadira has weak defensive abilities and Need to block a meat attack when she wakes up regularly. Her landing leg is good but not as strong as an aerial game, so if she was forced to stay on the ground during a match, she would lack a large portion of her game plan. Since she relies heavily on her jumping attacks, she doesn’t have a high landing facility.