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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Seong Mina – Counters and Matchups

Seong Mina

Seong Mina is known to be the Daughter of Bladed Rod and uses her Naginata named Scarlet Thunder in her scepter and Seong style sword fighting style. She boasts a long-range with a powerful blade tip and can distract and distract her opponents with swirling strikes and attacks.

Soul Calibur 6 Seong Mina Strategy

Seong Mina

Since Seong Mina is a returning character in the game, a lot of the moves and combos she had in previous games are still there. The main thing that sets Seong apart from the others is that she’s so fun playing.

It was quite a pleasant experience to see her dash through the ring and deal damage as if it weren’t even a big deal.

She has a huge range, and when I speak loud I mean it! You can easily rush into the opponent from far away. This is great for when you want to defeat enemies as hardly anyone expects you to be able to hit them from afar.

One of the main mechanics you have at hand is the ability to launch enemies into the air and then plunge at enemies as they plunge.

You might think it’s not that big of a deal since many characters can do this but just try it out with Seong Mi-Na once and see the great range she has when doing this.

Seong Mina Tips

The main thing in your favor is the fact that you are lightning-fast and have a lot of scopes. Combine these two together and you can overwhelm your opponent easily.

One of the most fascinating things about Seong Mina is that when you see a player that has mastered the character playing her, they don’t even let the opponent come near you and the game is over.

Not only do you have many opportunities to destroy enemies, but you can also simply finish them off from your attacks.

Although it takes a bit longer than the other characters, Seong is a very good duel with a block that can be a force in its own right.

Counters and Matchups

Seong Mina

The main weakness you have is that she doesn’t have a lot of damage. Since she has a lot of attack range, pushing the damage upwards makes her become too strong.

Not only that, she is quite useless at close range. She has to use her kicks as her vertical and horizontal attacks do little or no damage.

Also, her close-range attacks are also very slow. Although I said she can use her weapon with a lot of proficiency and speed, you don’t want to let things go too private when you play as Seong Mina.

Make sure you keep enemies at a distance and retreat as soon as you see someone trying to close the distance as it’s a sure shot for you to lose.

Reversal Edge

  • Harbinger’s Edge: B+G
  • Harbinger’s Edge: B+G (Hold)
  • Harbinger’s Radiance: After the reversal edge hits, A, A
  • Harbinger’s Exalted Blade: After the reversal edge hits, A, B
  • Hazed Skewer: After the reversal edge hits, B
  • Flying Flash Kick: After the reversal edge hits, K
  • Guard: After the reversal edge hits, G
  • Forward Step: After the reversal edge hits, Forward
  • Side Step: After the reversal edge hits, Down or Up
  • Back Step: After the reversal edge hits, Back