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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Shadow Jago – Counters and Matchups

Shadow Jago

Shadow Jago (often simply referred to as Shago by fans) is the form of Jago’s Omen, introduced in Killer Instinct (2013) as Jago’s skin for players who have purchased Xbox Live membership. 12 months of Day One. He is also the hidden boss of Killer Instinct’s Arcade Mode, fighting at the bottom of the ladder instead of Fulgore under special conditions.

Shadow Jago Moveset

Shadow Jago

Gate Keeper

He performs a kick to the opponent’s body. You can cancel to dash forward when pressed or blocked.

Dark Reckoning

He jumped forward and hit down with his heel. This attack hits the head. Any normal attack can be canceled into Dark Reckoning. Staggering when hitting.


He threw a fast fireball. Can be performed in the air. The Surge version throws the second bullet at an angle. Shadow Shendokuken throws five fireballs separately.

Dark Drift

He slipped quickly across the ground toward his opponent, hitting low. All versions are unsafe if it was blocked.

Dark Demise

Shadow Jago teleported into the air and performed a dive kick. The button strength determines the approach angle. Dark Demise will turn around and hit like a cross if it appears behind the opponent.

Dark Fury

He performs a perfect vertical uppercut. The strength of the button determines the height of the attack. Completely invulnerable at startup.

Dark Catastrophe

He spins as he performs a 30-degree head-up. Completely invincible at launch. The strength of the button determines the height and distance. The Surge version performs the upper-second cut after landing from the first build.


He rushed towards his opponent against the dark background, trying to grab them. If successful, he performs a series of cinematic strikes. Can’t throw. There may be a jump after the screen freezes if you don’t recover after moving. This will consume the rest of your instincts. Its damage is proportional to the number of instincts you have left, up to 48%.

Shadow Jago Strengths

Despite her appearance, Shadow Jago does not resemble ordinary Jago in many ways. He has been greatly improved in mobility; faster-walking speed, faster dash and more complex, faster horizontal movement special moves, and an aerial dive kick that allows him to change his jumping arc and cause him some difficult offenses.

His zoning is also a bit stronger, fueled by fireballs that fly rapidly from both the ground and the air. When he is loaded into the meter, he gains new attack power using his “spiked” moves, and he has multiple ways to toss opponents for quick juggling opportunities This makes him a favorite for anyone who likes style combos.


Shadow Jago

Without a gauge, he had a real problem. His regular special moves are both insecure when blocked, and he doesn’t have Jago’s solid approach to leaning on, forcing him to make a mistake or take a risk to open a tail.

Firm defense for any significant damage. Many of his combos (such as throwing, or some muted moves) unleash his opponent and force Shadow Jago to use his entire watch to take damage, so he has to constantly choose between using your precious watch for safe access or for receiving meaningful damage. He usually can’t have both.