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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Shin Hisako – Counters and Matchups

Shin Hisako

Shin Hisako is a new character introduced in the Post-Three series of Killer Instinct (2013). She displayed Hisako’s transcendence as a kami spirit when she retrieved her father’s katana. She was first revealed in the patch notes of the 3.6 update and she was also officially released on March 17, 2017.

Shin Hisako Moveset

Shin Hisako

Spirit Orb

She summoned an orb in front of her. Hold forward while summoning to bring the orb to slowly move forward. If the ball is hit by any movement while using the katana of Shin Hisako, it will transform into a projectile and move in the direction the katana swung.


Her dash forwards was replaced with a teleportation spell that moved her forward for a short distance. She can use air attacks on the way down after Ascension completes.

Katana Poke

She jabbed her katana away in front of her. This attack has a long-range and is relatively fast for an average attack.

Shin On Ryo Zan

She swung her katana up in this three-stage rekka attack. The button strength determines the scope and safety; Lighter buttons are generally safer if blocked but have a slightly shorter range.

Shin Air On Ryo Zan

Shin Hisako jumped into the air and swung her katana down. This attack hits the head. The strength of the button determines the speed and distance; the lighter version is faster, but has a shorter range and is not more secure than the heavy version.

Spirit Slice

She charged forward extremely quickly with his wide katana, leaving a slash behind. The strength of the button determines the speed and distance; the light version is blazingly fast but has a short-range and is very unsafe, while the midsize and heavy versions move further and launch to juggle, but slices appear slower.

Awakened Soul

She jumped up with a high altitude attack. The light version stays on the ground and causes a launch, the medium version of it launches for juggling and also deals a tough knockout, and the heavy version is completely invincible, high damage, long-range, and extremely fast.

Shin Hisako Strengths

Her main strength comes from her suffocating close-range attack. She is armed with a lot of stats and a powerful mix, though unsafe, but reacts too quickly to be trusted. Coupled with this is the best in-game backlash and an invincible strong top lane, giving her strong defenses and an annoying escape from characters who can’t surround her.


Shin Hisako

Her unique short-range teleport-forward dash meant that Shin Hisako struggled to close the horizontal space with ease, especially against the strong zoning characters. Therefore, she has to be played with a lot of patience from long range and slowly inched her way into a vantage point. Her most powerful multifaceted mixes, which really unleash her character’s powers, need some time in training mode to work on to get maximum effect.