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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Siegfried – Counters and Matchups


Siegfried is known as the Soul in Purgatory and wields a giant Zweihander named Requiem into battle, using a self-taught fighting style. Like his damaged form, Nightmare, he wields his monstrous weapon with incredible reach and power, though often at the expense of speed and accuracy.

Soul Calibur 6 Siegfried


Siegfried is the main character in the game’s story. In his new version, he is still a mid-range character that deals massive amounts of damage with his attacks.

One of the main things that you need to remember is that his attacks perform very slowly and have a long recovery time after you perform the attack, which means you have to be careful whenever you use it.

Most of the moves available to him are still available in the new version of the game. You can still use his stance and then press A and B together for a good balance between attack and defense in your arsenal.

You can also activate Dark Legacy when your lifespan is below 30% and then you will have a number of moves that can kill enemies and deal extra damage.

You can end Dark Legacy mode by pressing A + B to perform his Explosion ultimate. Then hold Forward + A for the Side Hold.

Alternatively, you can use a different move; Hold Forward + B for the Chief Hold.

How to Play Siegfried


The main strength you have while playing as Siegfried is that he has a very good range that you can use to your advantage.

There have been a lot of new changes happening in the new game and most of them are in your favor as you now have a lot of powerful new options.

Now, you can not only attack enemies from below them but also have a new throw that will throw enemies into the air.

This combined with the fact that you still have access to all the main character moves available in previous Soul Calibur games means you can easily throw enemies out of the ring if you want.

We recommend these following Soul Charge moves:

  • A, A (during Night Side Hold)
  • Back + A+B,B
  • Forward, Forward + K, B

Counters and Matchups

One of the main weaknesses this character has always had (and remains) is that Siegfried is almost completely useless at close range. There is no way for you to attack fast or jump fast.

Plus, you’re also faced with the fact that most of your attacks have huge recovery times and you’ll be vulnerable during that time.

The last thing that makes Siegfried really difficult to play, especially for new players of the series, is that he gets in the way very slowly.

Therefore, defending can be extremely tricky as you need to make sure that there is no way for the enemy to take advantage of your lack of speed before you take any action.

Some counters may end up with a lethal Hit. Quickly press A, G, A after blocking the enemy’s attack to perform a single hit. If your guard bar has been severely exhausted, press Forward + A + G