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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Spinal – Counters and Matchups


Spinal is a restored skeleton and remains of an ancient warrior. One of the defining characters of the Killer Instinct series, he is playable in every part of the franchise since his debut in the original arcade game Killer Instinct (1994). A successful product in Ultratech’s cell regeneration experiments, in Killer Instinct (2013), he is a cursed robber whose soul is bound to a mysterious artifact known as the Mask of Antediluvian.

Spinal Moveset


Dive Kick

He dives toward the ground with one foot extended. It is safe if the opponent blocks it before he hits the ground.

Power Devour

He holds her glowing shield in front of her, absorbing any special moves or the darkness doesn’t throw. Earn a skull for each blow absorbed. Power Devour has to go through a number of boot frames before it can absorb attacks.

Shield Crush

He stepped forward and swung down her shield. This attack hits the head.

Searing Skull

Without a skull, He attacked with the energy of her shield. Earn a skull and knock it out if it hits. For the skull, Spinal devotes a skull to shoot a purple skull from his shield. Light travels along the ground and hits low, moving averages forward across the chest, and heavy is launched across the screen and appears on top of the opponent’s head, hitting from above.


He rushed forward, leading with her shield. Button strength determines travel distance If you have at least one skull, the heavy version will destroy one and become an invincible projectile.

Soul Sword

He swung her sword in an arc in an upward direction. The heavy version launched when hit. This move is impregnable for high attacks on launch.


He sank to the ground and appeared somewhere else. Fight invincible until he reappears. The light moves a short distance forward, the medium moves directly in front of your opponent, and the heavy moves directly behind your opponent.

Shadow Skull Summon

He converted a ball-gauge gauge into three skulls. This move takes some time to perform, so Spinal will have to find the right moment to activate it, otherwise, it will be punished.

Spinal Strengths

At the height of his dynamics, he may be the toughest character in the game to stop attacking behavior. It is very difficult to block high and low mixes, left and right are usually done safely through the use of a skull and when hitting you, he can use a curse to prevent you from earning the precious resources you need. to stop his onslaught. His dash forward is replaced with a forward run, and he laughs frantically in the meantime, which will bring smiles to everyone in the room.



He started the match without a skull, which meant he was at worst attack and had to play from the back after starting each match. Even with the skull, he has a relatively weak defense; an inability to quickly invincible fast-paced no lose to meaty LK, a tough move that could easily be picked up against, and a very short-range backslash rarely avoided punishment. While he was running forward (fast), his normal walking speed, especially backward-walking, was terrible, which made Spinal have difficulty in distance wars. He is at its best when it fills the skull and exerts pressure to defeat, and worst on its back.