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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Taki – Counters and Matchups


Taki is known as the Fu-ma’s Shadow – an outcast from the Fu-Ma clan, and uses her Kodachi Kodachi named Rekki-Maru and Mekki-Maru in the Muso-Batto-Ryu fighting style. . With her short double swords, she is able to attack quickly and accurately, with the ability to quickly cover distances with her exceptional acrobatic moves and movements.

Soul Calibur 6 Taki Strategy


Indeed, Taki is one of the strongest characters in SoulCalibur 6. She is a rogue ninja, abandoned from the Fu-Ma clan, and proficient in her short blade to assassinate her target. body.

She is very fast and can cover distances very quickly through the side step technique.

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Since she is a ninja, she can be a useful character if you play stealthily. You’ll find a complete list of abilities that she can use here, including some tips that might be helpful while playing with her.

Taki Fighting Style

She wields short swords and is therefore a melee fighter. You can use her various skills to close the distance between you and your opponent and unleash lightning attacks.

She can make her opponent beg for mercy with her long combos.

Possession Stance

If you want to enter possession, where Taki is covered with some ancient Japanese writing, you can ⬅ + Vertical attack + Horizontal attack + ⬅

Assassin’s Strike

By using → → OR ↘↘ OR ↗↗ + Hit vertically, you will approach your opponent and deal a critical hit. Assassin’s Strike also lets you initiate a damage combo. You can also use this skill while in possession of higher damage.

Critical Edge

By using the Critical Edge technique, Taki can be temporarily invincible, able to break all enemy barriers. While she is invincible, no damage can be done to her.

You can use this move to get closer to your enemies. It can also be used in combos to increase damage. Her Critical Edge is named Fatal Violet.

Soul Charging – Imina

You can put pressure on your opponent with a combo that will disable all Inverted Edges. By using Soul Charge, you can activate a combo that breaks the enemy’s protection and deals a massive amount of damage.

While Soul Charge, press Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack.

While Soul Charge, press Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

Taki Reversal Edge


You can break your own combos if you see enemies trying to fight you by pressing the ⬅ key. You can also step back, activate the Takeover stance, and try to push the enemy away.

An Inverted Edge can be combined with either of the Horizontal, Kick or Vertical Attack buttons for three different effects.

Next with Horizontal attacks, you can achieve a good combo by pressing Horizontal attacks consecutively. Taki will destroy a lot of enemy health. If the enemy tries to use Reversal Edge, activate the Takeover stance, and don’t let him do so.

Next with the Vertical attack, you need to use lower kicks to remove the amount of blood defending your opponent and then break his guard. Next with a Kick, you can use Critical Edge (mentioned above) to initiate a big combo.