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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Talim – Counters and Matchups


Talim is known as the Last Nun of the Wind and wields her Dual Tonfa-style Blade Syi Salika and Loka Luha both in prayer and in combat by fighting Wind Dance. An agile fighter, she swiftly dashed across the stage gracefully, using her short-range weapon to unleash a punch before dodging unwanted attacks.

Soul Calibur 6 Talim Strategy


With her dual Tonfa-style swords, she can deal a lot of damage in melee combat. She’s known as The Last Nun of the Winds for something, isn’t she?

No more advice needed, let us get started on how to play her, tips and tricks that will help you become a better avatar of the wind.

Wind Fury Stance

Wind Fury is a special stance for Talim and can be used to inflict massive damage on enemies, even while they are blocking incoming attacks.

You can also perform specific combos while in Wind Fury like Panay Hurricane which can be done by spamming the Vertical button while in this pose, or the Swooping Blade can open up the opportunity for a full-blown combo by Hit Horizontal Attack in this stance.

Talim Critical Edge

The Critical Edge for Talim is called ‘Dancing Tempest’. It allows you to glide through the air and aim for a further location with ease. This tempest can also be used to dodge incoming low-range attacks and still damage your enemies.

The best thing about Dancing Tempest is that you can heal your own wound using this technique. By attacking an enemy in the air, it turns into an attack and replenishes your health.

This move cannot be countered so use it as your advantage. Use this technique from a medium-range and harass the opponent’s stamina.

You can also connect the Critical Edge technique to Blue Sky which can be activated using ⬇ + ↘ + ➡ + Vertical Attack.

Blue Sky will launch your opponent in the air and deal massive amounts of damage without sending your opponent back to the ground. Use it when you have the maximum Soul Gauge.

Soul Charging

Talim can use several moves during a Soul Charge, so be sure to read this portion of the guide.

While Soul Charged, do a Wind Charmer and spam the following button combination for a Tempest Assault using Horizontal Attack + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

While Soul Charged, do a Wind Charmer and spam the following button combination for the Arctic Winds by Horizontal Attack + Kick + Horizontal Attack + Horizontal Attack.

You can use the changing winds to approach your opponents and break their shield. You can trigger Changing Winds by Soul Charge + → → OR OR + Vertical Attack + Vertical Attack.

Talim Reversal Edge


You can break your own combos if you see enemies trying to fight you by pressing the ⬅ key. Talim can also step back, activate your stance, and try to push the enemy away.

An Inverted Edge can be combined with one of the Horizontal Attack, Kick, or Vertical Attack buttons for three different effects:

Next with Horizontal Attack, the movement turns into a special movement and becomes a powerful attack. If the hit hits, a combination can be launched later.

Next with the vertical attack, you can start a good combo. Stop after the first hit to turn your back on your enemy and then use Kick to distract them. Followed by a Kick, you can take down your opponent depending on your position.