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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Thunder – Counters and Matchups


Thunder is a traditional Native American tribal warrior Nez Percé and a playable character in both Killer Instinct (1994 ) and Killer Instinct (2013). He is Eagle’s brother.

Thunder Appearance      

In the original Killer Instinct (1994), he appeared as a large, topless Indian native and wore long pants, green boots, and gray gloves. He has black vertical paint around his eyes, black tattoos along his shoulders, a shaved head with a pair of feathered headphones, and earrings. He carries two rickshaw wagons in battle.

In the 2013 Killer Instinct, Thunder received an overhaul along with a more accurate Nez Percé tribal identity. Still topless, but no longer wearing gloves and without wearing the original mohawk, he now has vertical paint done in the style of a crow, with white paint adorning his hands and biceps, along with parts on the face and neck.

His face is covered with black, yellow, and white paint, which almost completely obscures its skin. He wears a feathered cap and a Nez Percé bears claw necklace, desert-colored pants with interlocked belts, shin guards, and combat boots. His rickshaws are now more handcrafted and traditional than his original ones.

Thunder Moveset


Horn Breaker

He moved forward while performing two separate swings of the ax. This attack hits the head.

Call of Sky

He called out a bolt of lightning above his head. His next dash will be the instinctive version; Fast, invulnerable after launch, and able to overtake opponents If timed correctly, the lightning can destroy the projectile when it attacks Thunder. Lasts for 10 seconds or until Lightning strikes.


He spun in a circle towards his opponent, stretching tomahawks. Light and medium versions hit twice, heavy versions hit three times and go further. Shadow Triplax has one armor attack.

Call of the Earth

Thunder grabbed his opponent and smashed them to the ground. The strength of the button determines the scope. Shadow Call of the Earth has long-range, fast speed is not attacked after the screen freezes, and launches the opponent’s next attack.

Ankle Slicer

The lightning leaps backward before rushing forward with a low-power slicing attack. Can’t attack with low and throw. The strength of the button determines the distance to travel of the Shadow Ankle Slicer for high damage.


Lightning plunged into the air. Cannot be hit by bullets and high attacks. Can be destroyed into three different attacks with high recovery on a high landing: Sudden knee (LK) causes topple, Dropkick (MK) causes a strong knockdown, and Sky Fall (HK), stomping attack, causing bounce to the ground.

Thunder Strengths


A half-screen command that led to a tricky crash was something every grappler dreamed of, and he had it. When overcoming your attempt to keep him away, he can intimidate by snatching from multiple ranges and he has a nice collection of special moves to catch those trying to hide. avoid. His DP is equipped with multiple trackers he can use to move around the screen and try to hit an opponent ready to punish. High-damage combos to supplement high-damage attacks mean reading correctly will hurt.


The slow walking speed and a graceful jump left Thunder grappling with some strong zones, though he does have a good forward dash and his instinctive mode to avoid some woes, standard grappler. In general, he wants to be around you, and if you can make it difficult for him, you can disappoint players.