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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play TJ Combo – Counters And Matchups

TJ Combo

Tyler-Johnson Garrett, commonly known by the stage name “TJ Combo“, is an American boxer and playable character in the Killer Instinct series.

TJ Combo Moveset

TJ Combo


TJ rolls along the ground before hitting the opponent. Any routine can be canceled on Rollercoaster.

Superman Punch

TJ jumped a great distance forward and punched down. This attack hits the head.

TJ Combinations

TJ can do a number of target combos that start with MP and end with HP or MK. These can be done from close range, long-range, and bow, and will work for sniffing as well as hitting and blocking.


TJ jumped up before hitting the ground with his hand. The strength of the button determines the distance to travel, and each strength displays a number of different blue streaks on TJ’s fists to aid combination break attempts.


TJ brutally attacks the opponent in the air, then sends a second blow to launch them again. The button strength determines the start speed and damage. Shadow Vortex is completely impregnable.

Spin Fist

TJ spun in a circle, releasing a back punch. TJ remains in an even frame if blocked.

Shoot Toss

TJ rushes forward, trying to grab the opponent. When hit, TJ Combo turns and smashes his opponent to the ground, sending them out.


TJ quickly slid forward with his fist behind his head. On approaching an opponent, or HP is hit a second time, TJ completes a massive straight punch that inflicts a wall and an armor hit.

Back Step

TJ lunged forward, pretending to Powerline, before stepping back without attacking.


TJ dashed forward without attacking. The upper body and projectile are impenetrable until recovered.

Flying Knee

TJ jumps forward to perform an aerial knee attack. Invulnerable to low levels until recovery. Not safe if blocked. Shadow Flying Knee has high damage properties.

TJ Combo Strengths

His Powerline special move can be canceled into five different sequences suitable for any form of reading, allowing him to defeat throws, low move, high move, launch, jump, and blocking with full boot combinations and just not secure. TJ Combo has a number of exceptionally fast move combo triggers (meaning he has access to reversing buffers for easy execution) so he will often turn any of your mistakes into one combo.

Once TJ is in the combo sequence, he is arguably the most reliably difficult to break combo character in the game; His automatic strike combination traits and various air combinations resulting in multiple recaptures would require sharper reflexes or pure speculation to break.


TJ Combo

TJ tends to use more specials than usual. While this in and of itself isn’t necessarily a downside, it does mean TJ has to be played harder with less great benchmarks capable of stabilizing his game, which could leave TJ Combo double. when not stable. You can make all the readings right and look like a genius, or quickly lose. While TJ has a reverse attack, he needs a ball meter for it, which means if you can catch him without a meter, he has to sit there and commit the offense yours.