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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Tusk – Counters And Matchups


Tusk is a character first introduced in the 1996 arcade game Killer Instinct 2. A legendary savage champion and warrior known as Tunth-ska in the ancient world, he is A mighty warrior characterized by extraordinary strength and mastery of two-handed greatswords. In Killer Instinct (2013), he is an immortal guardian known as the “Guardian of the Gods”, who was created 10,000 years ago by angel creatures to act as a guard. of the Earth against Demon Lord Gargos. He returned to the franchise twenty years later on March 29, 2016, as the 4th character to be released in Season Three of Killer Instinct (2013).

Tusk Moveset


Spine Splitter

He held his sword overhead, then forcefully pushed it to the ground. Hold HP for attack calculation; The maximum charge cannot be blocked. Destroy the incoming projectile. Enter dash while charging to cancel dash.

Back Stab

He leaps forward, turns, and thrusts in the back for a massive damage blow.


He leaps into the air and stabs the opponent from above. Works whenever Tusk lands, hard or soft. This attack can always be broken in conjunction with HP + HK.

Skull Splitter

He swung his sword with both hands overhead. Medium and heavy version with Deviations. While in the air, he falls to the ground with his sword stretched horizontally, creating a series of explosions.


He performs an uppercut with his sword. The lightweight version is completely invincible. The heavy version has Deviations on the first frame.

Immortal Spirit

Duck and step inside. This attack can dodge projectiles at waist-height while moving. Press another button to perform a follow-on attack. Shadow Immortal Spirit is completely impregnable.


Tusk finished his step with a shoulder attack. Safety on the block. Pressing any button in the Shadow Immortal Spirit does a 5-shot version of the Moosejaw that has a long range and continues to be an impregnable projectile.

Collateral Damage

He ends his move with a low hit slip attack. Very insecure if blocked.


He swung his sword in the windmill overhead to perform a massive attack from above. Very slow, but extremely far range and just a little insecure when blocked.

Tusk Strengths

He excelled at dominating a range where a lot of other characters struggled to challenge with traditional means. His Deflect window also makes his resistance to basic attacks and extensive, special moves, allowing Tusk to take control of both overly delayed and overly aggressive opponents. He is also one of the highest damaging characters in Killer Instinct, so you need to do fewer reads to win.



His buttons dominate the mid-range, but they’re slow; If an opponent is having fun or wants to turn, the position of Tusk needs to be more precise. With no really safe or overpowering combination choice, he needs to rely on his opponent’s fear or recklessness to face his multiple swings, so if you have the patience, for him neither too little nor too respectful, he will have to start taking more unsafe risks to keep up.