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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Voldo – Counters and Matchups


Voldo is known as the Guardian of Hell, and the blind mute man uses a dual Katars Jamadhar called Manas and Ayrus in an extremely unique and somewhat disturbing self-taught fighting style. Coupled with his deadly claw weapon, his ability to transform and fit in the battlefield makes him an extremely unpredictable opponent, able to dodge and perform a deadly mantis attack. or rolling without notice.

Soul Calibur 6 Voldo Strategy


There’s a reason Voldo in SoulCalibur 6 is known as the Guardian of Hell because he’s always unpredictable and unsettling to face.

Possessing unique gameplay and an unusual stance, he can take advantage of an opponent’s range or position thanks to his increased flexibility and sharp eye movement.

His distinctive stance, Mantis Claw is his ultimate tool in a bizarre set of tools. His weapon of choice, three blades protruding from his hand, also delivered fast and brutal slashes.

Attack from Both Front and Back

Mechanically, Voldo can do both: long-range attack when facing in front of opponents, and fast, short-range attacks when facing away.

When long-range attacks are involved, you can use Merry Mantis (f + B, B) or Gate Prier (f, hold f A + B, K) to stop them.

Even if you are facing an opponent, you have to be prepared for the possibility that they will come close. In this case, use a couple of quick attacks with forward direction.

These include Elegant Death Rose (f + A, A), Side Claw Brace (A, A), and Scorpion Sting (f, hold f + A).

If things don’t go your way, you can always switch to a ‘face away’ position that allows you to attack more and attack close-range.

There are many ways to move in this way. Most of them will break the opponent’s protection. That is:

  • Jolly Ripper: (b + A)
  • Blind Crescent: (b + hold B)
  • Scorpion Tail: (b + K)
  • Blind Drop: (f, hold f + K)

Alternatively, you can maintain a positive state on the block if you are, facing away, following with a Blind Scissors (A, A) or Straight Mouse (b + B).

Voldo Critical Edge

Downward Spiral Critical Edge is an unsafe attack to block but can act as a good counterattack if used properly.

When faced with an opponent, this Critical Edge is extremely fast and hard to see, but it is much more predictable when facing opponents.

Soul Charge

This gives Voldo a special pose called the Death Roll, under which you can initiate a series of devastating combos.

First, cancel the Death Roll pose is performed using Soul Charging and then do one of the following to enter the pose:

  • Side Claw Pitfall (A, A, A)
  • Pitfall Kick (jump K)
  • Pitfall Marionette (qcf + K)

After Soul Charging, you can also perform a formidable mid-range attack, Diablo Brothers (f, hold f + B, B). Furthermore, you can quickly change into Mantis Crawl by performing Arching Centipede (b + B, B, B) while facing the opponent.

Voldo Reversal Edge


While in the Reverse Move animation, you can press back to switch to a ‘face away’ position, otherwise, when hit, you will release the Critical Edge and accompanying sequels.

Additionally, the Reversal Edge can be combined with one of the A, K, or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Next with K, an air attack is performed.
  • Following A, a horizontal strike was launched. However, holding down the A button will allow Voldo to move into a ‘facing away’ pose.
  • Next up with B, a connected launcher deals massive damage. A follow-up combo can also be started by holding B and switching to Mantis Crawl and using attacks in that pose.