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Soul Calibur 6: How To Play Zasalamel – Counters and Matchups


Zasalamel is known as the Dark Side of Karma and uses his mysterious Death Scythe Kafziel in a self-taught style. His weapon can be used in both powerful hook and slash attacks, which can be enhanced by his strange time-manipulation abilities.

Soul Calibur 6 Zasalamel Strategy


The main way you will deal damage through him remains the same as in previous iterations of the game. You will use your scythe to deal massive amounts of damage in quick succession.

The fact that you have a decent range means that you can finish off enemies without letting them get close to you.

One of the biggest advantages when you play as Zasalamel is that you can use your Scythe to pull enemies closer to you.

Despite the fact that you can damage enemies from range, pulling enemies closer has unique advantages, as we’ll discuss later.

That’s not all you have as you can also use the power of ancient magic and curses to disorient your enemies and make them amazed.

One of the main attacks you have is to separate them from the time structure and leave them defenseless against your attacks. When this happens, you can rush in and unleash hell on your opponent.

Your speed will be one of your most advantageous traits. You can move your Scythe without any difficulty and it is quite difficult for short-range characters to go against the range of your weapon.

If you’re up against a character that’s good in mid-range fights but not good at melee combat, then you can just pull them in and fight the handicap.

Critical Edges

The Critical Edge you get while playing as Zasalamel is called ‘The Voice from the Abyss’. It has many advantages and disadvantages when compared to Critical Edges of some other characters in the game.

The main problem with this attack is the fact that it is quite slow. That means the enemy is easily predictable and then they can look to find a solution.

The best way to use this Critical Edge is to pull your opponent in close and then attack. Your Critical Edge will deflect their attack if they take a hit.

The characteristic that sets Voice from the Abyss apart from anything else is that it has the Guard Impact attribute and it can hit opponents even if deflecting their attacks.

Even if your opponent turns guard, you still have enough time to react and curse them.

That means no matter what your opponent does, they will get worse in one way or another when you use this attack.

Zasalamel Soul Charge


The main thing Soul Charge moves of Zasalamel does is make the opponent take his mind off your character and use its magical powers.

It’s easy to confuse the opponent with the many types of attacks you have available and then finish them off with Critical Edge.

Void Nova allows you to pull your opponents towards you. That’s not all, as you will also be able to move in front of your opponent after you pull them off.

This gives you the edge because the other person has less time to react to whatever you’re doing.

Once the opponent is near you, you can deal tons of damage through Dead Gravity along with Ode to Humbaba. The ritual sacrifice can also be effective in this situation.