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Soul Calibur 6: Mitsurugi Guide – Guard Crush, Rib Ripper, Soul Charge


The character Heishiro Mitsurugi is a warrior returning in Soulcalibur 6 in this new rebooted timeline of the events of Soul Edge and Soulcalibur’s first appearances.

He was known as the Bodyguard of the Warring States and used his Katana as Shishi-Oh. Like previous Soul Calibur games, he uses a number of katana styles, including various poses that involve covering the blade to draw out in a deadly quick attack.

Soul Calibur 6 Mitsurugi Strategy


Mitsurugi, the “Guardian of the Warring States” could not help it as he unleashed the full power of his katana, Shishi-Oh. There is no restriction on using a weapon even when the distance from an opponent is related.

With that said, it works better at close range with smart mid-range and low-range attacks to exploit the enemy’s defenses. He also uses special poses to keep the opponent at his feet throughout the fight.

Close-Range Attacks and Possibilities

Since you cannot feel the full force of the katana unless it is close to your opponent, you will need to be aware of a few moves that can close the gap between the two fighters quickly.

For that purpose, either Swift Edge (f, hold f + A, A) or Bell Breaker (f, hold f + K) works effectively as burst attacks. Furthermore, you can also bend over and move in close, while avoiding high enemy attacks by performing Shin Slicer (d / b + A).

For standing opponents, a low range attack like Leap of the Loach (d / b + B, B) or Stalk Shaver (d / b + K, B) should be used.

When the opponent bends down, you can take a critical hit by performing Heaven Cannon (d / f + B). This also leads to a full match.

The passing opponent was also not safe from the rage of Mitsurugi. He may use either Air Tale (d + B) or Double Binder (f + A, A) for such purposes and confine them to a guard position to continue his offense.

Mitsurugi Guard Crush Moves


These moves of Mitsurugi only work when your opponent decides to use the Reversal Edge attack. You can object with:

Double Binder – The Relic (f + hold A) that you can use to transform into a Fire Sign (B) that appears as a break attack.

Drawn Breath – Mist (b + hold B) allows you to convert into Cloud Cutter (B, B, B, B).

The Rib Ripper

This was like an adequate penalty for an opponent’s whip attack. By performing Rib Ripper (d, hold d + A or u, hold u + A), you will get a critical hit that takes some of your opponent’s HP.

Alternatively, you can also use this attack to track Swift Edge (f, hold f + A, A) if the enemy attacks. Finally, a Heaven Cannon against the opponent’s reversed edge can also be performed against Rib Ripper.

Mitsurugi Soul Charge

First, using the soul recharge mechanism, you can unleash two devastating moves: one, mid-range attack, Nirvana Cannon (d / f + B, B), and a low attack, Harvest Dance (d / f + K, B), B).

You also get increased damage when attacking Feint L (B, A) while Phoenix Trail (f, hold f + A + B) and Submission (K, B) will have destructive attack attributes. breakage applies to them.