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Soul Calibur 6: Nightmare Guide – Guard Crush, Rib Ripper, Soul Charge


He is known as Azure Nightmare, a corrupted version of Knight Seigfried, and uses a giant Soul Edge in battle in its Zweihander form. This gigantic weapon has an amazing range as he can use it for powerful blows and blows – through it does sacrifice speed.

Soul Calibur 6 Nightmare Strategy


The nightmare was once a brave and upright knight known as Knight Seigried. However, when harnessing the power of Soul Edge, corruption overtook him.

However, all this power does not come without its benefit in terms of strength. He can use its powerful sword to attack and damage them.

These attacks work at medium and close range, can even knock opponents out of the round. Overall, this character’s damage abilities are insane.

Revenge Attacks

All of the following attacks have the attribute of revenge, so even if the opponent attacks you while you are in the animation of these attacks, you will counterattack them and still cause damage to them.

Also, these attacks have an amazing repelling effect so make use of them to cornering your enemies and putting pressure.

  • Blood Storm: f + A, A
  • Double Avenger: f + B, B
  • Adamantine Cracker: f + K

Nightmare Terror Charge Stance

After Nightmare lands one of the revenge attacks above and if you go against the enemy’s attack in the process, you perform the Dire Vengeance attack that will put you straight into the Terror Charge Stance.

According to this stance, you can perform certain attacks without having to use Soul Charge.

Two good moves in this stance are Death Lord’s Impalement (f + B, B, B) and Malicious Lord’s Destruction (K, B), the previous one is safe in the region.

Basic attacks, Soul Smasher (d + A + B), and Double Death Strike (b + K, K) transform into attacks in this pose.

Critical Edge

The attack Dark Reconquista Critical Edge is a slow attack but dealing damage can be delayed by holding down the command button. If charged in the maximum amount of time, the damage is staggering.

Otherwise, even without delay, this move of Nightmare cannot be attacked for mid-range and high-range attacks, and will even feature a protective impact if revenge is triggered. Following Critical Edge with A, A, B, B mostly resulted in a devastating combination.

Soul Charge


With soul charging, you are given access to new tracking information from your existing stances. In Night Side, you can do Phantom Lord’s Gammadia (B, A, B) for a damage combo.

Dire Vengeance will also be granted a ‘lethal’ attribute if revenge is activated on moves like Blood Storm (f + A, A) or Adamantine Cracker (f + K).

Plus, in Grim Stride, you can do Grim Lord’s Auto-da-fe (K, K) for good repulses and even fights. When you use Soul Charge, switching to Terror Charge will take place for more attack options.

Nightmare Reversal Edge

Reversal Edge of Nightmare can be combined with any one of the attack buttons: A, B, or K, each resulting in different effects:

  • Following A, an attack is launched dealing massive damage in stamina and even the ability to crush the opponent’s guard. However, in one neighborhood, it’s not safe so be prepared for punishment.
  • Next with B, you can take a Night Side stance and if the move hits the target successfully and the enemy’s guards are crushed, you can follow the moves in a standing stance.
  • Finally, following with K, you perform an attack throw that, when hit, will allow you to switch to a Terror Attack. However, on a block, this action can be punished.