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Soul Calibur 6: Sophitia Guide – Guard Crush, Rib Ripper, Soul Charge



Sophitia Alexandra is a warrior returning in Soul Calibur 6 in this new rebooted timeline of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur first appearances.

She is called the Second Oath and uses her signature Greek short sword and small shield to combine quick attack and defense attacks. She fights in the Athenian style and is even able to use her shield as an offensive weapon.

Soul Calibur 6 Sophitia Strategy


She was originally a Greek baker worshiping the god Hephaestus. After certain events, she is able to use the Athenian Style and become a warrior proud to fight for justice.

Sophitia has been the town’s gossip throughout the Soul Calibur series because of her outfits.

She often wears dresses with different shades that often resemble the Greek Goddess and Grecian Warrior theme. She also wears armor on her arms, legs, and chest.

Color 1 for her outfit has the original color, color 2 indicates her alternate outfit color in Soul Edge / Soul Blade, Color 3 indicates her sick condition in Soul Calibur 4 / Pyrrha Omega, and Color 4 indicates her Soul Edge / Soul Blade Art.

By wielding his small sword and a bucket scarf, she is able to punish every crime with her highly balanced fighting style. She can use her lock to deflect all upcoming attacks. Her small sword is designed for close combat play.

Sophitia Critical Edges

By using a tough horizontal Critical Edge in the middle, she is able to pierce enemy defenses and as it transforms into a high-damage throw on impact, it’s a deadly technique. Use this as part of the aerial mix.

Similar to Shoryuken, by using his short blade, Sophitia is able to throw his enemies into the air.

These techniques are also great for increasing combo damage and punishing enemies in case you miss the chance to strike back.

You can use Twin Step Grace to rush towards your enemies and hit them with all you have with ⬅ + Horizontal attack + Vertical attack

Critical Edge for Sophitia is known as ‘Deep Scar’, which is a serious reminder of her first battle against Cervantes, who possessed the Soul Edge at the time. By using this advantage, you can get closer to Dark Legacy.

Dark Legacy is a type of activation that has a great advantage when activated. You can use Deep Scar in your combos to ensure hit and become an even better fighter.

The Deep Scar is basically a medium-range attack that has long-range. Since it is a long-range attack, you will hit enemies that fly far in a combo.

Soul Charging


Using powerful techniques, you can charge your soul. Here are some techniques that can be used while Soul Recharge:

You can use Cutlass Seraphim: while performing Soul Charge with Soul Charge + ⬅ + Horizontal attack and Vertical attack.

This is a break attack and will pierce a reversed Edge as if it was nothing. Even if the attack is somehow blocked, you still have enough time to recover and use a different technique before your opponent can lift a finger.

By repeatedly spamming the Vertical Attack button, you can perform a Divine Mist, a great technique that can defeat your enemies with little effort.

While using Soul Charge, you can use Twin Step Sword Rain to deal a substantial amount of damage. Basically, Sophitia will juggle his enemies in combos, producing a dire result.

You can use the Dual Swords Rain with Soul Charge + ⬅ + Horizontal attack + Vertical attack.