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Soul Calibur 6: Xianghua Guide – Guard Crush, Rib Ripper, Soul Charge


Chai Xianghua is known as the Artist of the Journey and wields her Chinese Sword named Jian in the fighting style taught by her mother. Her style includes graceful stabs and slashes that can include a wide range of vertical and horizontal movements.

Soul Calibur 6 Xianghua Strategy


Thanks to the Chinese Sword, she is able to unleash a series of quick attacks from different angles and dodge if something goes wrong.

What’s more, ‘Traveling Artist’, a nickname she is known for, can quickly change her posture to the Silent Xia Sheng state that makes the opponent always guess.

Her movement allows her to control space well and find tight windows to attack, while not leaving any loopholes.

Close-Quarters Combat

Since there are always more advantages to fighting a fight like Xianghua, you need to pay attention to the moves that narrow the distance quickly.

Playful rhythms (f, hold f + B, B) and Woan Shyong Swing (f, hold f + K) are great examples of attacks you can use to rush in and close in on prime.

You can also use Fragrant Dream (f, hold f + A, B, A) to block the opponent’s 8-direction run.

Using this melee position, you can get your opponent to guess with sequences including dangerous low, mid, and high range attacks. Some moves you can do for this purpose are:

  • Still Water: (f + B, B)
  • Rippling Chant: (f + B, A)
  • Advancing Rhythm: (b + B, A)
  • Pointing Thrust: (b + B, B)

Xianghua Critical Edge

This super attack of Xianghua is triggered by simultaneously importing all attack nodes (A + B + K), which has huge usability because of its links and the ability to cancel from other moves.

Special Throws, Soul Accumulation, and all launchers can be canceled on this Critical Edge for good damage. It is also very fast on its own, so if you are unsure of the enemy’s attack pattern you can throw it out.

Soul Charge


Soul Charging allows you to increase damage next from Wind Blossom Song (A, A, B, B) but only when to hit. Damage is also increased for Qing Quake Step (A, A, B, K), especially against the Reversal Edge attack.

Furthermore, the Radiant Ring move (f, hold f + A, B, B) will crush your opponent’s guards so you can bombard them with attack options.

There is also an increased juggling effect on launchers like Lian Hua Upper and Mei Guei Hua that you can follow with Shining Swallow (f + K, B, B) and Scintillating Waterfall (f, hold f + B, K, B) respectively.

Xianghua Reversal Edge

Reversal Edge can be combined with one of the A, K, or B buttons for three different effects:

  • Following with B, a crushed middle attack is performed with high damage properties.
  • Next with K, Xianghua can dodge the enemy’s B attack. Furthermore, if you are using the full Soul Gauge, you have the ability to cancel it into Critical Edge for high damage.
  • Next with A, you can press A twice in a row to unleash Palace Rhythm, a mid-hour attack. Also, after Reversal Edge, you can enter A, B to perform Jewel Song, which is a good break attack.