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Sparklite Guide – Some Useful Tips For New Players


The game’s spoofing and combat elements have been crafted with accessibility in mind – that doesn’t mean it lacks challenge, however. Gear up for adventure with our helpful Sparklite guide.

Choose Difficulty – Sparklite


Sparklite worn on a sleeve inspired by the Legend of Zelda. The art style and soundtrack make the Minish Cap vibe mellow but hard to play like a mix between Breath of the Wild and older Zelda titles. In Breath of the Wild, you can go straight to the final boss if you choose so; similarly, in the game, you can rush through bosses to the end of the game if you so choose. Every upgrade necessary for the growth of the world comes from defeating the bosses so you could theoretically beat the game in one run.

You will easily find your own pace allowing you to enjoy both upgrade system and difficulty curve.

Explore Everywhere

The first time you set foot in any of Geodia’s five regions of Sparklite, you’ll want to scan the entire area to open any easily accessible one-time chests and collect as many Beats as possible.

The main reason to explore places before engaging in boss battles is to find the respective NPCs and Vaults of each area. Each Vault contains a utility puzzle, which will grant you a new gadget to research upon completion. Some NPCs are just for flavor, but others will give you useful rewards like patches. Once you find NPCs, you can find them in The Refuge on your next run.

Remember that whenever you defeat a boss you will be taken to town, but when you return to Geodia the map will be the same as when you left it.

Place To Find Beats – Sparklite


Spiders are singing creatures rarely found in bushes, under rocks, and buried in the ground that can be collected for helpful health-boosting patch rewards. It can be difficult for them to detect if you’re speeding through each area, so take your time after clearing the screen and listen for any chirps indicating their location. 

If you have to leave one behind because you lack the necessary items to get them, don’t worry, you can find them on your next run in the same place. They’re also conveniently color-coded and organized in The Refuge so you can see which areas still have Beats to find.

Combat Tips


Most of your time on Geodia will be spent hitting enemies with your wrench; Here are some tips to make fighting a little smoother.

You can dash in any direction while swinging the hammer. If you’re charging a hammer and a boss is about to attack, you can go fast using the dash. This becomes less of an issue with hammer speed patches but is a useful cautious movement to gain effect.

You can use enemies to kill each other in Sparklite. Some enemies have punitive charges or area attacks but with the right placement, you can leverage enemy attacks to your advantage.

If you’re going to use gadgets in combat and play with a controller, it’s much easier to aim with a D-pad than with an analog stick. They are not very useful in most skirmishes but can be used to kill bosses if necessary.