July 31, 2021


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Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction, Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction on Jan 20, 2021. Competitors will fight in the Dota 2 DPC 2021: Season 1 – European Lower Division (DreamLeague Season 14) tournament.

Spider Pigzs overview

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction

After two consecutive losses in the preliminary round to the Chicken Fighters and Hippomaniacs, Spider Pigzs had to be satisfied with the ticket to compete in the Lower Division. Since registering to play professionally back in early December, the team has not been able to record any significant results.

As the Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction experts thought, although Spider Pigzs has a very good quality and depth, with consecutive failures since December, Spider Pigzs are falling very rapidly on the world rankings – Currently, this team is holding 157th place in the world.

Spider Pigzs Recent matches

01/18/21Spider Pigzs1 – 2Creepwave
01/08/21Hippomaniacs2 – 0Spider Pigzs
01/07/21Spider Pigzs1 – 2Chicken Fighter
12/19/20ViKin.gg2 – 0Spider Pigzs
12/18/20Brame0 – 2Spider Pigzs

Meta4Pro overview

Meta4Pro is also in a similar situation to Spider Pigzs, the team had a long time off from professional play and only really returned in early September 2020. However, starting from November, Meta4Pro disappeared again in pro tournaments, frequently being eliminated immediately after open qualifying matches.

Beginning in 2021 with a few changes in the starting lineup, Meta4Pro immediately won the ticket to the European Division of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 tournament. Meta4Pro’s record in the open qualifiers 4 consecutive wins, it is this spectacular comeback that has helped the team get 63rd on the current world rankings.

Meta4Pro Recent matches

01/11/21Meta4Pro2 – 0Trouble Makers Youth
01/10/21Meta4Pro2 – 0HAVU Gaming
01/10/21Evil Corporation0 – 2Meta4Pro
01/10/21Meta4Pro1 – 0Watermelons

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction

In the same difficult situation, but Spider Pigzs with a higher rating is showing the opposite of the Meta4Pro counterparts. The difference between the two teams on the world rankings by experts is the most obvious proof. Due to the Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro prediction expert, this pair of matches will most likely have to take place in all 3 games, Meta4Pro will win, but Spider Pigzs will definitely cause a lot of difficulties for their opponents.

Currently, the majority of bookmakers agree to consider Team Spider Pigzs to be the game’s favorite team with an average win rate of 1,113. Meta4Pro’s chances of winning are assessed by bookmakers with an average odds of 5,843.

In the event of an agreement with the bookmaker’s opinion on the possibility of a winner in the match, wagering at the bookmaker will take precedence when 1.12 odds are offered on Spider Pigzs’ victory. If you believe analysts have made a completely wrong prediction, you should take risks and bet on Meta4Pro’s success at Parimatch – team win is judged with high odds of 6.25.

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro result prediction

The total score between Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro

  • Game 1: Spider Pigzs wins
  • Game 2: Meta4Pro wins
  • Game 3: Meta4Pro wins

Total score 1-2

Spider Pigzs vs Meta4Pro Total kills

  • Game 1: Spider Pigzs 38 – 32 Meta4Pro
  • Game 2: Spider Pigzs 28 – 16 Meta4Pro
  • Game 3: Spider Pigzs 45 – 40 Meta4Pro

First Blood

  • Game 1: Spider Pigzs
  • Game 2: Spider Pigzs
  • Game 3: Meta4Pro