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Spirit vs Bad News Bears Prediction – ESL PRO LEAGUE – 08/19

Spirit vs Bad News Bears prediction

Spirit vs Bad News Bears prediction

Spirit vs Bad News Bears prediction on August 19, 2021. The difference comes from the difference in level between the two teams. It will make the ban/pick process not meaningful. No matter which map will be chosen, the tactical ability, as well as personal skills of Bad News Bears, are worse.

Spirit Overview

Spirit’s recent poor performance makes their chances of progressing almost very low. As of the time of writing Spirit received exactly 2 defeats. So they are temporarily ranked 5th in Group A. The first time came in this round, Spirit only had to face the weakest team in the group Bad News Bears. This team was judged as not capable enough to participate in a tournament that requires a level like ESL Pro League.

Bad News Bears Overview

The crushing defeat in both of the past two matches left the Bad New Bears only a few feet away from the last position on the table, looking at a difference of -41 is enough to understand how poorly they played. Perhaps the Bad New Bears spirit of nothing to lose will cause some trouble for Spirit in this match, but maybe just a little bit, but it is still very difficult to bring back an honor game.

Spirit vs Bad News Bears prediction

Moving to catch the opponent’s cards at choke points will make Bad News Bears difficult to deploy. As well as Bad News Bears’ ability to cover is too poor in recent matches.

The fact that Spirit is the first team to shoot in game 1 is also their advantage. They can crush the opponent with the power of equipment. Looking at the last two games of Bad News Bears, they did not have many ways to fight back when they were too deep in the lead. 

Similar things will happen in game 2, although Bad News Bears has the advantage that comes from the CT Side. It can be seen that the Bad News Bears have made some progress. As they gradually get used to the play of the top teams, but they still make mistakes at key moments. 

Even when they have an advantage in equipment, they don’t lead the opponent much enough to get to the second half of the game. That causes the opponent to gradually shorten in terms of round distance and then rise quickly at the late game. From the above analysis, the final score of this match is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of Spirit. They are very determined to bring a win as well as the level of Bad News Bears is too poor.

Spirit vs Bad News Bears bet prediction

Spirit vs Bad News Bears total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Spirit 1-0 Bad News Bears
  • Game 2: Spirit 1-0 Bad News Bears

Total score 2-0 (Spirit win)

Handicap bet (Spirit is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Spirit

First 5 Rounds win:

  • Game 1: Spirit
  • Game 2: Bad News Bears

Total Round:

  • Game 1: Spirit 16-7 Bad News Bears (Under)
  • Game 2: Spirit 16-9 Bad News Bears (Under)


Spirit: degster,  magixx, sdy,  mir, chopper

Bad New Bears: Junior,  Shakezullah, Swisher,  Spongey, Jonji