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Spirit vs FaZe Prediction – PGL MAJOR – 10/26

Spirit vs FaZe Prediction

Spirit vs FaZe prediction on October 26, 2021. Although FaZe has 3 maps with a better win rate than their opponent, Mirage – Inferno – Overpass. The opponent is not suitable when they have Dust 2 and Nuke are two maps that can be confident when facing FaZe. If in bo3 everything will be very unpredictable when there are alternate map picks. But with bo1 the two teams must continuously ban until the final map is selected.

Spirit Overview

Spirit vs FaZe Prediction

Spirit has a meeting with FaZe at MAJOR NEW CHALLENGER STAGE. It is considered a difficult trip for Spirit when the opponent is a top 10 team in the world. In fact, looking at previous confrontations, Spirit can shoot equally and even win. But this is a bo1 that requires great concentration. Spirit’s current performance is also not good, causing many people to underestimate this team. The statistics of the last 9 matches they only won 4, the rest lost 5.

FaZe Overview

Spirit vs FaZe Prediction

FaZe is in better form than the opponent, the statistics of the last 10 matches FaZe won 7 victories and lost only 3 matches. Most importantly, FaZe is appreciated by an even team of members who can complement each other. Spirit seems to be a bit dependent on two team members, mir and degster. The two teams themselves don’t outperform each other in maps with a high win rate, so the ban/pick phase will be extremely stressful.

Spirit vs FaZe Prediction

Here the two teams are sharing 2 maps with the same win rate: Vertigo and Ancient, with Ancient having a 50% win rate, and with Vertigo, both of them have not played for the past 3 months.

This may be the reason why one of these two maps will be chosen to determine the winner in this match. Most likely it will be Vertigo because Ancient FaZe has a slight advantage when they play more matches with 6 times while Spirit only has 4. Therefore, Vertigo will be a more mature green map for both teams. Neither side will have statistics about each other during the past 3 months. So they can both keep the matches to be released at decisive moments. 

Spirit vs FaZe Prediction

However, FaZe is still more appreciated at the moment as well as the one who will win this match. The first reason that can be mentioned is the fact that they are in high form with 2 consecutive victories. In fact, in July at IEM Cologne, the two teams had a shot of Vertigo map. 

The result of FaZe winning over Spirit with a score of 16-10 was enough to see that they have a certain preparation in this map. The fact that FaZe shoots more teammates is also something to talk about. In case Spirit loses 1 of the 2 mains, mir as well as degster, they almost lose connection points in the squad. Therefore, if you put your faith in a team in this Bo1 bet, it must be FaZe, not anyone else.

Spirit vs FaZe Bet Prediction

Spirit vs FaZe total score prediction:

Game 1: Spirit 0-1 FaZe

Total score 0-1 (FaZe wins the handicap 3.5 kills)

First 5 rounds:

Game 1: FaZe

Total rounds:

Game 1: Spirit 11-16 FaZe (Over)


Spirit: chopper, degster, mir, sdy, magixx

FaZe: karrigan, Twistzz, olofmeister, rain, broky