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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Guide – Tips For Newbies

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

We’ve got some great Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tips to help you navigate the open-world story of lightsaber and redemption. Because it’s an open-world game with almost complete freedom in how you discover and unlock devices or abilities that you can use to explore more, there’s a lot you can I wish I knew soon. To help you out, these Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tips will get you in the way before you dig into anything in the long run. 

Use Force powers

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Because your Force powers are tied to a meter, it’s easy to think you should save them until you absolutely have to. Ignore this urge. The power of Cal’s Force can easily turn the tide of a skirmish and the meter goes up quickly if you get a few direct hits, so make sure to keep using Slow, Push and Drag in combat as much as possible.

Use different lightsaber types

There are two main types of a lightsaber in Fallen Order; You will start with the single sword and unlock the double-headed sword later in the game. Knowing when to use them makes a huge difference in how effective you are in combat. If you are fighting a small number of enemies, use the single sword, as it deals more damage when you connect to the enemy.

However, if you are fighting a large crowd or facing a lot of stormtroopers with explosive guns, use a dual blade. Breaking multiple blaster bolts with it will see Cal bring them all back quickly, while he will only deflect one with his single sword before blocking.

Revisit planets

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

You’ll continuously unlock new abilities for Cal and BD-1 throughout your time in the Fallen Order, and as soon as you do, you’ll return to the planets you’ve visited. You will be able to explore more of these areas almost immediately, where you will get more XP. More XP means you’ll also get more powerups faster, so make sure you’re back soon after unlocking new abilities.

Head to Dathomir early

After your first visit to Bogano, you get to choose which planet to visit. While the game will heavily suggest that Zeffo is the one to go, there are a lot of useful upgrades you can get on Dathomir that will help speed up your progress. Most importantly the double sword, which you will be able to find if you follow the main path through the level to a hooded character. Hit it as soon as possible.

Sense Echoes

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Sense Echoes are items that Cal can discover to reveal a little bit of his past to him. More importantly, they also give a decent amount of XP when you find them. Some even give you a health or boost if you collect 3 of them. They’re worth the hunt for an XP boost, but the fact that the stories attached to them are so much fun in their own right only sweetens the deal.

Performance Mode

The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of the game have Performance Mode that can be enabled in the Image tab in the Preferences menu. It limits the resolution to 1080p, but improves the game’s frame rate. A combat-heavy game like this benefits from a higher frame rate, which results in smoother action, so that’s something to consider if you’re willing to lower the resolution.