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Star Wars: Squadrons Guide – Important Tips You Need To Know

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is a great space battle simulator that is sure to fulfill any Star Wars fan’s wish of being a pilot for the Republic or the Galactic Empire. The latest game of this huge and widely loved franchise has been warmly received by fans thanks to its immersive and amazing gameplay.

Master Starfighter – Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons

The game has several mind battles for the player to choose from. The most standard is the fighter type, which is the type players will encounter first when playing the story mode. It is also the most milquetoast type but it can be a jack of all trades if you can handle it well.

Then there are those with characteristics such as bomber type, support type, and interceptor type. The perfect bombers to deal with the capital’s warships. The support ship is to provide the rest of the team’s assistance, which is indispensable in a match as teamwork is highly encouraged in a game like this. Interceptor is the perfect choice for those who like to take advantage of speed and agility in combat. 

Front And Back Shields

Star Wars: Squadrons

When playing as a New Republic pilot, the player can take advantage of a mechanic dedicated to good boys flights. New Republic ships have the ability to place a shield around their ships to avoid dealing significant damage. Even better, ships can focus their shields on the forward side of the ship, behind it, or leave it completely balanced.

Knowing when to shift the focus of the shield will be very useful if the player wants to survive in the world of Star Wars: Squadrons. Placing their shield in front of the ship is very useful when they are facing enemies head-on. On the other hand, placing shields behind the ship is useful if the player is being heavily attacked by a tailing enemy.

Deal With Missiles – Star Wars: Squadrons

Missiles are a great way to deal massive damage to enemy fighters and it is very useful in defeating enemy squadrons. On the contrary, it is also very dangerous at the receiving end of the missile. Thankfully, there are a few ways to deal with these high-speed projectiles.

The simplest way to deal with a missile is to activate the countermeasures available onboard; However, this has a shelf life. This is where players show their mobility. Players should keep the speed to maximum and look for tight spots to move and hope the rocket will hit floating debris. Another way to deal with a missile is to learn how to effectively drift and face the missile to shoot at it. This will take practice, but it’s an effective way to deal with rockets.

Keep On Moving

Star Wars: Squadrons

The best way to be a Star Wars: Squadrons pro player is to be on the move, active. This does not mean that players will always have to be at full speed in every run, but it does mean that they should avoid stopping if they can help, this will make them easy targets.

When chasing or attacking, the players should do their best to go as fast as possible. When moving, they should slow down and get to that particular sweet spot, in the middle of their accelerometer. Regardless of the cost, players should avoid stopping their ship altogether. Besides, it just makes the game more interesting when controlling the starships at high speed.

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