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Heroes of the Storm: Stitches Talent Build Guide


Stitches is a Tank whose signature move is Hook Icon Hook, a Unique Skill that can be used to pull enemy Heroes from afar and allow Allied Heroes to follow with the ability to control hordes. freeze and deal continuous damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses



  • High waveclear
  • Powerful displacement
  • High maximum Health
  • Good self-sustain
  • Decent damage


  • Low crowd control
  • Lack of mobility
  • Weak peeling

Talent Build of Stitches

Hook Build

Hungry for More (lv1), Playtime! (lv4), Tenderizer (lv7), Gorge (lv10), Fishing Hook (lv13), Lacerate (lv16) – Digestive Juices, Shambling Horror (lv20) – Second Helping – Hungry Hungry Stitches.

His Hook Build is designed to power his participation, as well as his survivability and utility for the rest of the team.

In particular, Fishing Hook at Level 13 increases his threat range and thus allows for better play with Gorge Icon Gorge.

Since there is no peeling off and reliant on Hook, we recommend this build against slot-punching layouts, not against dive compositions.

Slam Build

Hungry for More (lv1) –Patchwork Creation, Playtime! (lv4), Tenderizer (lv7) – Blight, Putrid Bile (lv10), Pulverize (lv13), Lacerate (lv16) – Digestive Juices, Shambling Horror (lv20) – Second Helping – Potent Bile.

His Slam Build is designed to improve his skinning, as well as his survivability and utility for the rest of the team.

In particular, Pulverize is at Level 13 and Putrid Bile provides a powerful Slow to tamper with the plans of enemy Heroes who want to play aggressively.

We recommend this build against additional layouts because you won’t be able to get value from Hook against them and since it also offers a substantial amount.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Stitches works well with Heroes that can quickly react to any Successful Hook by locking the target enemy’s Hero on the spot with crowd control (e.g. Malfurion with entangled Roots) and has the ability to deal explosive damage to kill before the opposing team can react such as Jaina).

To make up for her shortcomings, he matches up with Heroes with crowd control. We recommend a Solo laner that can act as a Secondary Tank in teamfights (ex: Blaze).

If your team has access to a disassembly tool (such as Mighty Gust), they can use it to save you from danger or to Knockback the rest of the enemy team as soon as you Hook Whom there.

Countered by:

Because a lot of his abilities impact the match put on Hook, he can be challenged by Frontline Heroes who are its bad target because they can use Unstoppable on demand, put the Summon into orbit, easily dodge the skill shot, or run right after. Heroes who can save a target as soon as they are captured are also good counterattacks.

Due to his high HP and lack of mobility, Stitches is also vulnerable to percentage damage (eg Leoric with Drain Hope and Entomb).

Maps of Stitches

He prefers the Map where the Hook can be easily used through impassable terrain and/or near choke points while teams tend to regroup. This way, your team has a chance to quickly take down an enemy Hero before their team can react.

The huge amount of marker waves he provides makes him a good choice on a 3-Lane Map where the super game strategy is to rotate between two lanes (ex: Volskaya Foundry).

Due to his lack of mobility to escape and transform to protect the rest of the team, Stitches dislikes Maps where the opposing team can easily gank him or team him before he has a chance to use it use Hook from distance.