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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Storm Moves, Strategy Guide



Storm is one of the most prominent members and the leader of the X-Men and the current queen of Wakanda, Ororo Munroe is a mutant born with the power of manipulating weather (atmokinesis) and elements. Before being an X-Man, she was Goddess when she was in Africa and married Black Panther (T’Challa). Her parents died in a plane crash when she was a child. She survived the accident but suffered severe trauma that led to her becoming dreaded. She had been wandering through Africa as a thief before she was recruited by Charles Xavier.

Storm Gameplay


Her gameplay allows her to deploy her mastery with the elements and is also one of the most versatile Marvel characters in the game. She can be played as a dive or a runaway character depending on her situation on screen and is also best placed in second or last and best paired with a pin character because of her super combo Hail Storm.

She can summon upright tornadoes and tornadoes to keep her opponents flying and establish distance with her. She can shoot lightning from the sky or from her body, this is also her primary tool in combat. She has the ability to instantly freeze her opponents to immobilize them. She also displays her strength in the wind that allows her to fly and pull or push her opponents away from her.

Her super combo Hail Storm is also one of the strongest in the game and has been greatly improved over the previous incarnation. It does great chip damage on the block, is a great combo set, and a great tool for punishing aid.

Special Moves


She slowly caused her to fall to the ground with the help of the wind control


One of her best zoning tools. She summons vortexes in succession towards her opponent. She can fire three, five, or seven whirlwinds depending on the strength of the button used

Double Typhoon

Her longest launch special move. She drew two tornado pillars on the ground and hit her opponent. Unlike previous versions, Double Typhoon does not track an opponent’s location but instead, the strength of the button determines the location of the tornado. The Heavy version doesn’t actually display full screen and it does access OTG

Lightning Attack

Her main tool in killing opponents. She lunged at her enemy with a lightning ball overhead. This can be canceled three times in a row and works well with her Lightning Storm super combo

Lightning Sphere

Her single air trajectory in which she shoots a ball of lightning from her hand and explodes on contact. It can be shot down the front, forward, or above.

Foul Wind

One of her new moves in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. She comes from the wind that pushes the opponent towards him. This can cancel the super combination and not cause any attacks or kills on the opponent.

Fair Wind

Her last new move in the game. She now calls the wind to push the opponent away from her. Like Foul Wind, it can cancel the hyperlink and not cause any attacks to the opponent. This move could be one of the tools to get rid of her opponents.


She uses her ability to master winds and allows her to glide within them to escape from opponents. Her airplane mode ends much faster than the mode on its previous version

Storm Hyper Combos


Lightning Storm

She shot out lightning from her body forming an orb that jerked her opponent. This is her biggest damage super combo and should best be canceled after three Lightning strikes at the end of an aerial combo. The radius of the lightning bolt is much smaller than the previous version and the lightning does not move the full screen.

Hail Storm

Her best full-screen super complex and one of the best in the game with long warm-up times. She flies behind the screen and causes an ice storm to bombard her opponent and attack OTG. It does huge chip damage when blocked and can kill a low-health character when used multiple times if combined with a Level 3 X-Factor. This super combo has been greatly improved over the version. and is best used in Team Hyper Combo or Delayed Hyper Combo.

Elemental Rage

Her fastest super combo at launch. She mastered her wind and ice to freeze her opponent. If her opponent was trapped, she would summon a series of high-speed tornadoes carrying her around and use it to slash her enemy. This move also replaces her attack in the Hail Storm combo as it also attacks OTG.