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Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town – Tips To Get You Started

Pioneers Of Olive Town

If you’ve just started your new life in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you’ll find yourself tasked with renovating your grandfather’s old farm. As you progress, you will make new friends, maybe even find love, and possibly help this small town become even more popular.

Choose the Right Difficulty

Pioneers Of Olive Town

Pioneers of Olive Town is one of those idyllic, fun, and relaxing life simulators to play. However, there are many players who find crushing certain parts of the game quite annoying, so to make this easier for yourself, remember to choose the right difficulty level for your needs.

Choosing to use the Seedling Mode makes life a lot easier because items sell more, your fitness depletes more slowly, friendship levels grow faster, experience points are easier to earn, and item prices In-store is also lower. You can change your difficulty any time from the main menu.

Grab Optional Tools – Pioneers Of Olive Town

While most of the tools are provided to you as part of the plot, there are some tools that you might miss if you don’t explore Olive Town to its fullest. Cameras are available in the museum, Fishing Rods are given to you by Manuela when you visit the House of Marcos, and Leashes are given to you by Patricia in the Animal Shop when you have upgraded to a wooden cabin.

While a lanyard isn’t all that matters, a Fishing Rod means you can catch fish to sell, cook, or donate to a museum. The camera also allows you to take pictures of wildlife to start donating to the museum.

Daily Farming – Pioneers Of Olive Town

Make sure you take care of your farm daily, water your crops, feed your pets, release them to pasture, and take care of them too. It is important to take care of your farm properly to get the best quality from your crops and livestock.

Every day, new items will appear around the farm and on the coast. Make sure you explore to the fullest and get all these wild harvests and items. Selling wild harvests you find will make their seeds available for purchase in Olive Town. Don’t forget to explore the mines as well as empty the small ponds to try and earn some rare items and maybe even some treasure.

Speak to Everyone

Pioneers Of Olive Town

Raising the level of your friendship with characters is important in building relationships, especially if you want to pursue some romantic options and get married. Talking to characters also increases your Communication Level, unlocking additional perks like new crafting recipes or increasing Friendship points.

Raising the Friendship level can be a slow process because although you can talk to characters more than once per day, you will only get the Friendship boost for the first time you talk to them per day. day. You can also give gifts to increase Friendship, but these also only earn you points once per day.

Utilize Sprites – Pioneers Of Olive Town

Pioneers Of Olive Town

As you work in the fields, cut down trees, harvest and break rocks, you may notice little strange creatures appearing – those are Follower Sprites. Once you’ve collected 25 of these (you don’t actually need to pick them up, just see them), you’ll have access to the Earth Sprite Village.

Here you can use the followers you gain to put them to work on your farm. Assign different followers to different areas of your farm and check-in daily to collect materials from them, as well as Sprite Coins that can be used in the Earth Sprite Village.