April 22, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Abigail



Abigail is a video game character who debuted as the penultimate boss in the game that defeats Final Fight, before appearing as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with the second season of Street Fighter V. He is a rude brute and the one who used to carry out missions for the Mad Gear Gang.

Fighting style


Though he doesn’t have any fighting style, his attacks mostly take advantage of his physical advantage. Abigail does not use ingenuity or any particular style in his fight, only uses force.

He picked up his opponents and threw them around like rag dolls. Even though the updates power down his attacks, he is still capable of dealing damage so high that he can put low HP characters, such as Cammy and Akuma, down below half of their health in a V-Trigger combo. Sometimes he can blush with Max Power, inflating his muscles, thus making him stronger and using body blows while running.

Abigail also showed him to be very agile despite his enormous size and low speed, able to perform a perfect front flip through the Giant Flip, able to perform a very quick roll from the position Nitro Charge starts off, and can still jump quite high (though this could be due to the game mechanics).

In Final Fight One, “Alpha Cody” (an irregularly unlockable character that Cody is seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 somehow reminisces about the past) notes that he was not pressed by him formidable statue, asking if he’s still stuck with “just using one type of attack”. In Mighty Final Fight, one of his humorous moves is to pick up his opponents and kiss them.

Moveset of Abigail

In Street Fighter V, his gameplay is more of a striker like Balrog as opposed to Hugo’s wrestling style, which can be aimed at distorting the previous playstyle from the tendency of big, grotesque characters. wrestlers. He and Hugo can make jabs at opponents, but Hugo does so to set up shots like a wrestler, while Abigail likes to iron and hit them like a brute. Also, Hugo’s shots set his shots, while his shots set his attacks.

As he often says in his winning quotes against speed-oriented characters, he cares little for speed or even the balance between power and speed; all he does is hit hard to paralyze his opponent and be able to take hits from quick combo attacks.

However, this doesn’t mean he can’t do some devastating combos on his own, because while his set of moves includes slow attacks and is hardly common with other large characters, his move set features two deadly throws (Abigail Smash and Bay Area Sunrise), and clever use of canceling between unique and special moves will really deliver a dark level of damage. that he can inflict.

Story of Abigail


Abigail first appeared in Final Fight as a lieutenant in Belger’s fight, in charge of the city’s Gulf Coast. When Jessica, Haggar’s daughter was kidnapped by a gang, Cody and Guy took a shortcut through the Bay Area on their way to Belger’s penthouse.

At this point, Cody rushes to save Jessica from Belger’s hands, leaving Guy to deal with him. After a tough battle, Guy defeated him.

After the events of Final Fight and the fall of Belger, he is said to have given up on his criminal life and started a mechanic’s garage in the Metro City Bay Area called “Abigail’s Scrap Metal”, hires old Mad Gear friends J, Axl, and Roxy, who also assume living in the garage with him.