April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Street Fighter 5: How to play character Alex



Alex is a wrestler and so his moves match what you’d expect for that kind of archetype – but even so, he’s quite different from Zangief and R. Mika. He focuses on difficult combinations. He has a number of moves that allow him to push careless opponents quickly, and especially chained together to have a deadly effect.

He is the type of character to be close to, so it’s important to use slash, Air Stampede, Head Crusher to kill the opponent. His V-Skill and V-Trigger both aim to maximize his potential for high-damage combos, so be prepared to experiment with him.

Skills of Alex


V-Skill: Overhaul

He tensed his muscles and pumped his arm. When this animation is completed, the next attack he tries to hit as if it were a counterattack – thus causing the opponent to suffer fatal consequences. If an attack is blown or blocked, the V-Skill’s effects will be wasted, so be careful.

V-Trigger: Rage Shift

He strengthens and is ready to crush the opponent. In the process, he gets access to a new move, the clothesline. Press both HP and HK at the same time to initiate this move. Press and hold will make Alex finish. If the move charges to its full capacity, it breaks the block.

This move also has armor, meaning it can absorb an attack. Try pressing and holding to avoid the attack when your opponent attacks you – their attack will pop out, then you can launch and launch your own attack.

Special Moves of Alex

Flash Chop

(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch / Down – Forward – Punch)

Alex made a deadly forward slash. The push-button used determines the distance it reaches, with the heavy punch reaching the farthest. The heavy punch version can be used to link directly to the Power Bomb if it’s connected. The EX version is the fastest and is very hard to combat.

Slash Elbow

(Charge: Back – Forward + Kick)

A quick dash across the screen ended with a strong elbow. The kick button is used to determine the distance the dash moves and also determine whether the move is simply backward or downwards when it connects. Heavier versions can be used as a combination extender or terminator. There’s also an EX version and has armor to absorb a mid-lane attack.

Air Knee Smash

(Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)

He soared into the sky to meet an opponent with wide knees. If it catches it, it will pull your enemy back to the floor with you instead of causing them to fly. The button used determines the distance he flies forwards as well as upward – a strong kick will cause him to land for most of the screen length if the attack misses. The EX version acts like the Medium Kick version, but does more damage and starts up faster.

Power Bomb

(Half Circle Back + Punch)

This standard grappling move shows Alex crushing opponents and smashing them to the ground in a way that makes any wrestling superstar proud. The punching power used determines the move’s start speed and damage – heavier attacks deal more damage, but kick-off slower. The EX version is the best, as you might think. Keep in mind that some of the moves in his arsenal, such as the Flash Chop and the Clothesline from his V-Trigger, are directly linked to this move.

Air Stampede


(Charge: Down – Up + Kick)

He flies into the air in a tiny jump and if you choose the right spot, hit your opponent in the head, knock them out. This can be a great punishment for ballistic spammers or just a way to put your opponents down. The kick button is used to determine the distance he jumps across the entire screen, from close range to nearly full screen. The EX version acts as the medium vehicle, but with more damage and faster execution.

Head Crush – Alex

(Charge: Down – Up + Punch)

The move is very similar to the Air Stampede – it jumps up quickly and abruptly, with a button used to determine the distance Alex jumps across the screen. However, instead of aiming at opponents to deal damage to them, this move sees him leaning in grappling as he lands. This grappling ranks the opponent if it connects. There is also an EX version. As before, this is an ideal ballistic punishment move, but make no mistake – it’s not designed as an air defense move, though he ended up just before he hit the ground.

Critical Art (Super) – Heavy Hammer

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch / Down – Forward – Down – Forward – Punch)

Alex allowed tearing those three slashes into a grapple that automatically lifted the opponent and then knocked them down. Despite the fact that this turns into a grapple, it’s technically not the one – the parts at the beginning of the move need a clean landing to trigger full animation and damage. It can be easily blocked.