April 18, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Balrog



Balrog (M. Bison in Japan – they changed their name for legal reasons) or ‘Boxer’, as the SF community calls him, is a rude, deadly boxer, banished from the arena professional boxing because too violent. At that time, he joined the organization of M. Bison.

His fighting style matches that of a violent and professional fighter – strong punches, deadly combos, and a very high level of damage. He’s a more patient character in Street Fighter 5 than in the previous installments, but once you open up the opponent, you can do serious damage.

Skills of Balrog


V-Skill: KKB

His V-Skill saw him swing in a forward motion. The rotation will avoid the projectile if the time is right. Timing is not too tight on this, so it is very easy to use. However, the real value of this move comes from what you can do from it – a push of a button lets you perform a move, and it can even be used between combos like combos. because you can cancel into KKB from a special move. Canceling KKB from any special move other than Screw Smash will increase its natural tracking range. In V-Trigger, the KKB can be canceled even if a move is blocked.

Buffalo Swing (Fee: V-Skill / Punch)

By pressing a punch button in V-Skill, Balrog performs this move, a high rotation will capture the standing opponent.

Buffalo Pressure (Fee: V-Skill / Kick)

By pressing the kick button in V-Skill, he performs this move, an attack from above that knocks crouching enemies out of their block.

V-Trigger: Crazy Rush

When his V-Trigger is active, steam starts coming up from him, showing you he means business. With this active V-Trigger, he is able to link normal and special moves more easily together, but he also has access to two brand new moves. While practicing, you can cancel the Crazy Rush combo in the middle and then continue to put pressure on the opponent that doesn’t have time to block or heal.

When in this mode, as mentioned earlier, any particular move can be strung into one of the moves four times before his V-Trigger gauge is exhausted:

Charge the buffalo (Special Move / Forward + Punch)

Press forward and punch while special to the chain on this move, expanding combo and dealing devastating damage.

Buffalos boom (Special Move / Forwards + Rocks)

By pressing forward and kicking in any particular move, he performs this move instead, a variation of Charging Buffalo.

Special Moves of Balrog

Dash Straight

(Charge: Back – Forward + Punch)

Balrog rushes forward with a powerful punch that sends him straight into the screen. The button used determines two things: distance traveled on the screen and how quickly he recovers. The Heavy Punch version moves the longest but also takes the longest time to recover, making him ready to counterattack. Compared to the Light Punch version, the Light Punch version is like a close-range stab but recovers so quickly that it is difficult to punish even if the opponent blocks it. There’s also a quick and extensive EX version.

Dash Grand Blow

(Charge: Back – Forward + Kick)

Another powerful punch, this one causes Balrog to fly forward across the screen just like a Dash’s straight punch – except this one is swung low, towards the opponent’s leg. If it catches right, it will push them away and pull them to the ground. The button used determines the dash travel distance and recovery time, making it essentially a different version of Dash Straight. There is also an EX version of this.

Screw Smash

(Charge: Down – Up + Kick)

This punch starts low and swings high, and will miss the cowering opponent. However, it will defeat the standing opponent if caught cleanly. As with the Dash Straight, the button is used to determine the distance of travel, but the heavier it is used, the slower the move starts. Light Medium and Special punches versions can be used as anti-air attacks to counteract jumps. Remarkably, the EX version of the move is armored, meaning it can absorb a hit while it starts.

Turn Punch


(Hold: Any Two Punch/Kick Buttons)

His Turn Punch is an iconic fake move for the character. In Street Fighter 5, you activate it by pressing and holding any two punch and kick buttons together. As you release the buttons, Balrog performs a swing and a nasty punch into the circular house. Keep it in and let it tear when your opponent gets caught off guard.

Critical Art (Super) – Gigaton Blow

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)

The Gigaton Blow is his infamous finishing punch, a giant, far-reaching impact. This can be done in full screen, but it’s best to use a combination of and better still in his V-Trigger. It’s a super lethal Super damage if you land it, so it’s important to try to incorporate it into it.