April 19, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Cammy



Cammy is said to be the ‘lady Ryu’ of Street Fighter V because some of her special moves are easy to understand and understand, but difficult to master. Her difference from Ryu is her movement ability – she’s agile and at best when it comes to putting pressure on opponents in a full-blown attack.

Knife throwing fighters in SFV has the ability to outperform opponents at close range. Even at long or mid-range, she has a variety of attacks that can help her escape the line of fire or close in the void.

How to Play Cammy


When playing as Cammy, you always need to stick to your opponent unless you’re trying to replenish your fitness or trying to plan a strategy before closing the gap.

Against opponents who like to play with bullets, she has plenty of counters that don’t exceed meters, but they have strict timings. Your strategy should be to avoid eating one and keep jumping to close the gap.

Dhalsim and F.A.N.G. are her worst nightmares when it comes to a match. To fight these opponents, you need to pay the price of your time and move on while your opponent is recovering. Also, don’t hesitate to jump in if you see F.A.N.G. charging up.

In the mid-range, your main slit shots should include the standing MK and bowed MK, which can be converted into combos. These attacks not only have a frenetic range but also have force jumps that she can easily takedown.

You can also use Knee Bullet to narrow the gap and get in range for your other attacks. Finally, up close, this is the spot where she really shines.

When at this range, you need to use frame traps and hard combos. Her low stabs and kicks can easily pierce the opponent’s defenses, allowing you to combine standing attacks and become more aggressive.

Skills of Cammy

V-Skill: Axel Spin Knuckle

Cammy turned toward the opponent and finished with a punch. The vortex is impenetrable for fireballs and other ammo, so at the right moment, the vortex will pierce them and hit the opponent while they are recovering.

V-Trigger: Delta Drive

Her V-Trigger gives her significant incentives while it’s active. Almost all of her special moves appear faster and have more destructive properties or more attacks. There is one tricky point, though: Every time you use a move while in V-Trigger, it draws the clock faster than it naturally does. Therefore, you want to save your moves until you are sure they will land.

Special Moves of Cammy


Spiral Arrow

(Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

Cammy dashed across the screen at a drill-like speed. The harder the kick button is to use, the further she goes, with the Hard Kick version having two presses. The EX and V-Trigger versions also pass through the projectile, an ideal way to keep careless fireball spammers off guard.

Cannon Spike

(Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)

Her Uppercut, a fierce throw. An ideal air defense attack. The heavier the kick, the more damage it does, but it also moves more and gets punished more easily if you miss – so be careful when using the heavier version.

Many beginners find the uppercut difficult to perform. The easiest way to do it is to press forward and then quickly pull down and perform a fireball movement, complete with a punch at the end. So as long as you do this in one gentle motion, an uppercut will appear. Practice! It gets easier over time.

Cannon Strike

(During Forward Jump: Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)

She attacks towards the ground, damaging her opponents if she catches them along the way. It can hit people from the air or cause them to take a nap while on the ground. If it lands, it usually leaves a chance for further attacks. It can only be done by entering this command midway through the Forward Jump and can only be executed a certain distance from the ground.

Hooligan Combination

(Half Circle Forward + Punch)

Cammy did somersaults in the air. From this rotation, she can perform a number of actions. If you press nothing, she will hit the ground and enter the slide, knock the opponent down low and knock them down if it connects. From there, you can also do the following:

  • Fatal Leg Twister/Cross Scissors Pressure (Light punch + Light kick when near opponent): Pretty easy to understand – the move turns into an uncomfortable aerial or ground throw.
  • Cannon Strike (Kick): When this move is in the air, pressing kick adds Cannon Strike, as described above, at the end of the move.

Critical Art (Super) – Cross Stringer Assault

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Kick)

Cammy jumped into the air and moved in a Cannon Strike style downwards. If it catches an opponent on the ground or near it, she will enter an impressive animation. There are several easy ways to land this, including doing the Cannon Spike (Uppercut) and then moving this right after it if it lands.