April 21, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Cody



You can find all kinds of characters in fighting games. This is one of the main features of the entire genre! Players can choose someone they like as a personality, and then master that person’s attacks, moves, and combinations. Some Street Fighter players prefer wild things like Blanka or mysterious creatures like Seth. Others opt for seemingly simple ones like Cody – and they all have a good chance of hitting a sweet level of success in the game!

Metro City’s new mayor


Most of the characters in Street Fighter are originals, they were created specifically for this fighting game series. However, some of the personalities come from other parts of the game multiverse (almost the same as in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). Cody is one such guy. His original games were Final Fight, a beat-em-up series also developed by Capcom.

He has had a tough but vibrant experience on the streets of Metro City. As a boy, he has a very strong sense of justice and often fights against all kinds of evil. In the game Final Fight, he rescues his girlfriend, Jessica.

But then, he was charged with a street fight and a false charge, so he found himself in jail. In fact, he liked being in prison in a way and felt it was a suitable place for him. But in the end, the guy decided to go south and became the mayor of the city. Now, he often says that he’s not a good guy anymore, and you can still see him fight for justice.

Cody Street Fighter 5

The first SF game with Cody was Street Fighter Alpha 3. Then you can see him in SF IV and of course, in SF V: Arcade Edition.

He leaves his “criminal” past and enjoys her new role as mayor. You can get this from his favorite default office outfit.

His moves are based on the origins of his defeat. This martial artist is very good at attacking. At times, he uses a few dirty tricks, such as stoning and fighting with a knife or pipe – however, he has always liked to be for good and against evil.

Basic attacks – Cody

Light Punch

A quick left hand hit. Jumping Light Punch is a somersault and elbow strike.

Medium punch

Cody hits with his right hand. This attack is quite effective but takes more time to perform, and you can feel it without his frame data.

Hard Punch

It is a very powerful uppercut. From the crouching pose, this was just a power boost attack with his left hand. Jumping Hard Punch is a powerful attack from above.

Light Kick

His kicks use a punches pattern. This is a quick left-foot strike. From a crouch, he hit very low. While dancing, he performs a somersault

Medium Kick

It is a much stronger shot with the right foot.

Hard Kick

He kicks the opponent in the head. From the crouched position, the attack landed in the middle. While dancing, Cody hits with both feet.

Unique attacks

  • Axel Knuckle – Press Forward then Hard Punch.
  • Hammer Kick – press Forward then Hard Kick.
  • Bad Spray – While recovering, press Up and any kind of punch.
  • Sli Jab – Light Punch twice.
  • Crime Blow – hit Light Punch three times.
  • Final combo – hit Light Punch four times.
  • Final Combination Throw – hit Light Punch three times, Down and one more Light Punch.
  • Air Raid Punch – perform it when he jumps barehanded. Click Medium Punch and then Hard Punch.
  • Air Raid Kick – perform it while Cody jumps. Click Medium Kick and then Hard Kick.
  • Crack Combination – press Forward with Hard Kick then press Medium Punch / Kick.
  • Burst Shot – with a knife, hit Medium Punch, and then Hard Punch.