April 21, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Dhalsim



As an old mainstay of Street Fighter, Dhalsim is the most accurate character he’s ever had in Street Fighter V, whose super slow playstyle is designed around a strong line of defense and brutal punishments. This character requires patience to play but can be turned into something truly monstrous.

Gameplay of Dhalsim


His fighting style is described as Yoga.

His ability is similar to that of an Indian fighter in the 1976 movie Master of the Flying Guillotine starring Jimmy Wang Yu. Like Dhalsim, the martial artist in the movie uses a yoga-based fighting style and is capable of stretching his arms and legs to attack.

He is the original long-range fighter of the fighting game; The intense training has given him the ability to contract and expand his limbs into forms that the average person cannot perform. He can extend his arms and legs outwards to perform attacks beyond the range of normal limbs, and he has the ability to teleport to maintain distance from opponents.

Skills of Dhalsim

V-Skill: Yoga Float

He is the epitome of comfort and jumping in the air, hovering. This can also be activated when jumping. You can trigger any of his aerial moves while in suspension, though they will cancel him out of it. Holding forward as you perform this pose causes him to drift slowly forward instead of in place.

V-Trigger: Yoga Burner

Dhalsim blows a chunk of fire onto the still-standing floor for a while. If the opponent is on fire, they will slowly lose ‘gray health’ – the amount of health they heal if they are not hit, but will lose it if they are hit by another attack. If you trap an opponent in a corner, this can make the position at that corner even more like their personal hell.

Special Moves of Dhalsim


Yoga Fire

(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

His fire-based ammunition no longer moves vertically – it is pointing upward then down diagonally in an arc, with distance and speed determined by the push of a button. The EX version combines everything, walking in a straight line like the old Yoga Fire.

Yoga Flame

(Half Circle Back + Punch)

He blowing fire right in front of him with this move also has some potential combination. The EX version significantly lifts opponents off the ground, delivering juggling capabilities and dealing more damage.

Yoga Gale

(Forward Jump >> Half Circle Back + Punch)

Essentially an air-based version of Yoga Gale, Dhalsim breathes fire diagonally down and forward in front of him, hitting enemies jumping up to meet him. The activated EX version is faster and is achieved many times.

Yoga Teleport

(Z + 3xPunch or 3x Kick)

He disappears and then reappears in another area of ​​the screen. If you move backward or forwards depending on which direction you do the “Z-move” above. Remember that this requires all three punches or all three kicks to kick.

Critical Art (Super) – Yoga Sunburst

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)

Dhalsim creates a giant fireball that rings around the screen like his Yoga Flame. This is best used to get your enemies to block – then teleport backward and let loose! Unlike most Art Criticism, it can also be done when he is overhead.