April 18, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character E. Honda



Edmond Honda, commonly known as E. Honda, is a video game character in the Street Fighter series, making his debut in Street Fighter II. He is an honorary champion Sumo wrestler and treasures tradition.

The fighting style of Honda


His fighting style is based on sumo wrestling, although some of his techniques are completely unique additions to his basic sumo training or will be banned entirely in a sumo match. Officials, as noted by Dan Hibiki, Rufus and Gouken. This somewhat undermines his stated goal of promoting sumo wrestling, even though he himself seems unaware of this contradiction.

Moveset of Honda

In his initial appearance in Street Fighter II, he has two special attacks, Hundred Hand Slaps and “Super Zutsuki” (commonly known as Flying Headbutt). During Hyper Fighting, Honda receives a third special attack, Flying Sumo Smash, as well as the ability to move while performing Hundred Hands. In Super Street Fighter II Turbo, he acquired a fourth special move, Oak Dam.

His overall style revolves around bait jumps and surprises opponents with surprise attacks; he can also use Hundreds of Slaps as a means of keeping or pinning. Like Guile, he has a solid combination of attack and defense but lacks agility as his moves are slow and difficult to execute, and many people are unsafe when blocked.

Although he can rush towards his opponent, he is susceptible to counterattacks from different projectiles, and his attacks can be dodged with an appropriate jump.

In Street Fighter V, Honda retains the moves from previous appearances and acquires new moves. His V skill is called Neko Damashi and is a heavy clap that can neutralize single-shot projectiles and cancel his special moves.

His first V-Trigger was called Onigawara, where he had access to Oni-Daikaku, a power-boosted version of the Flying Headbutt that had armor on boot and was able to preserve full power. His second V-Trigger is the Tajikarao, where his Hundred Fists do more damage, and he gets an order to get the order called Iwato Biraki to stab the opponent into the nearest wall.

Ultra combos

In Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Honda achieved the Super Killer Head Ram (also known as Oni-Mu-Sou), a power-boosting version of his Flying Headbutt. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he received two more Super Combo: Fuji Drop and Orochi Crush. In Street Fighter IV, he gets a new Ultra Combo named Ultimate Killer Head Ram, in which he performs a Sumo Headbutt with such force that he pushes enemies to the other end of the stage.

After the enemy was cornered at the other end of the game screen, he used his Hundred Hand slap multiple times until he gave them one final slap to shatter them. His second Ultra Combo is the Orochi Breaker, a more powerful version of Oicho Throw because his Sumo Slash deals heavy damage when colliding with full shock waves. In Street Fighter V, his Critical Art is Kamigashima, similar to Ultimate Killer Head Ram.



In his Street Fighter II return story, E. Honda is mentioned to have started training as a child, focusing solely on becoming the greatest sumo wrestler of all time. He eventually gained a very revered title with the title “Ōzeki” (in the English dialect, he was incorrectly claimed to have achieved the title Yokozuna, despite the near appearance. Here of him says he is generally considered to be good enough for that title, only hampered by some of his rather bizarre techniques).