April 22, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Guile



Guile (first name William, you know) returns as a supporting character for Street Fighter 5, and this tough US Air Force member hasn’t changed much over the years: he still is a character most appreciated by playing defense, zoning, and blocking enemies with a powerful fireball game. With more options thanks to his new V-Skill, he has more tools to stop threats from leaving him than ever before.

Remembering The Past of Guile


He is perhaps the least changeable character in Street Fighter V. If you remember how to play him in Street Fighter IV or even Street Fighter II, then you’ll be well prepared to play the role.

He only has two moves to remember, Sonic Boom and Flash kick, and they are performed just like in Street Fighter II. Sonic Boom is an electric back charge for forwarding movement and a punch and flash kick is an electric charge down motion and a kick.

To make up for his lack of diversity, everything Guile does is fine. His regular shots hit hard and have a range of attack (there’s even his patented upside-down) and they look exactly like they were in the past. His Sonic Booms take up a lot of screen space and their speeds differ the most from any projectile in the game. His Flash Kick is no longer invincible, but its scope is so large that it doesn’t need to be.

Skills of Guile

V-Skill: Sonic Blade

He created a small Sonic Boom in front of him and remained still. Performing Sonic Boom on this will power Sonic Boom, turning it into ‘Sonic Cross’. Hence, this V-Skill can be used either offensively or defensively, either as a stationary trap for incoming threats or as a cornering pressure for the further projectile.

Sonic Cross (Charge: V-Skill / Back – Forward + Punch)

Guile sends a Sonic Boom flying over the newly created Sonic Blade, greatly strengthening it. The EX version of this song hits 2 times

V-Trigger: Solid Puncher

He gets some sort of mystical sonic aura around his wrist, which enhances his ability to fire Booming Sound. While in V-Trigger, he is capable of performing multiple Sonic Booms consecutively after the first without needing to charge. The buttons used will still determine the Sonic Boom speed, but they’ll appear faster than usual, making it difficult to handle or predict.

Special Moves of Guile


Sonic Boom

(Charge: Back – Forward + Punch)

His iconic move – he throws a circular bullet way across the stage. The button used determines the speed and power of the fireball. The EX version is the fastest of all and hits twice to take down.

Somersault Kick

(Charge: Down – Up + Kick)

Another iconic Guile move – one of the only two he usually has – functions as his top hit, sending him on a swing kick towards the sky. The button used determines the attributes of the move, with heavier nodes going further both vertically and horizontally. The EX version boots faster have more invincible frames at boot and hit multiple times.

Faultless Move

(Down + Forward)

Faultless Move is for brave people. He will slowly move towards his opponent while maintaining a downward attack – however, this also means that you can no longer block. However, it’s a perfect way to lure your opponent into jumping on you – you can then use your down attack to punish you with Flash Kick.

Critical Art (Super) – Sonic Hurricane

(Charge: Back – Forward – Back – Forward + Punch)

His Super takes the form of a giant Sonic Boom. This is a projectile, but don’t be fooled – it doesn’t fly, it just hangs in front of him for a while. This does decent damage, but if you can land it while in V-Trigger, it will transform into Sonic Tempest, an even more damaging version of the same attack.

Air Throw: Ryuseiraku

(Light Punch + Light Kick near an airborne opponent)

Guile has an aerial throw, which means if you meet an opponent in the air you can grab them and throw them to the ground like any other pitch.