April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Street Fighter 5: How to play character Ibuki



Her overwhelming prowess was demonstrated in the Street Fighter V tournament. As a popular, fitting pick in the meta, it’s never been a bad time to consider how she works or plays. If you even love Ninjutsu art, our Ibuki guide is a great place to start.

Skills of Ibuki


V-Skill: Tenrai

Ibuki released a small bullet line right in front of her. Holding down the MP / MK buttons instead of just pressing them allows the move to be charged a bit and when charged it will reach further and truly become her farthest move and therefore can be. Use for surprises. This move is also ideal for taking down oncoming projectiles.

V-Trigger: Rokushaku Horokudama

Rokushaku Horokudama, or as we shall now call it – Bombing – was her deadly V-Trigger. She throws a bomb to her opponent. Be careful though – they can bomb and deflect it your way. After the bomb explodes, if there is still time on the V-Trigger gauge, you can throw another bomb by pressing both Heavy buttons again. Bombs can be used to squeeze blocks, pass or complicate complex combo setups.

Which direction do you keep when you throw the bomb will directly impact its fuse:

  • No input resulted in a 1-second fuse.
  • Holding Left leads to fuse for 3 seconds.
  • Hold Right leads to the fuse for 5 seconds.

Special Moves of Ibuki


(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

Ibuki fired her projectile – but instead of a fireball or the like, it was a small Kunai. her Kunai can be lethal when used properly, but there’s one tricky trick – she can only store six at any one time. She starts the round with six, but if you use them all, you will have to manually reload with the special ‘Kunai Hoju’. You can see the Kunai quantity currently available on your EX Gauges.

She threw the kunai at a diagonal angle, although the exact angle and therefore the distance it moves across the screen is determined by the button used – the harder the punch button, the farther it flies. Be careful – the kunai can also be knocked out of the air by a well-timed attack from the enemy.

EX kunai will explode on collision with your opponent or the ground and can be used in conjunction with her V-Trigger to place bombs early. The buttons used to activate EX Kunai will affect the position of impact on its screen (IE Light + Medium, Medium + Heavy, Light + Heavy).

This can also be done in the air with the same command and has the same basic aerial principles as on the ground.

Kunai Hoju


(Half Circle Back + Kick)

This move does nothing to the enemy and leaves Ibuki vulnerable. Do it reload her Kunai repository.

Kasumikage – Ibuki

(Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

This move is a step forward with the grace you’d expect from a ninja, but three different versions of it perform quite differently – almost like three moves in one. There is no EX version of this move at all.

Light Kick lunges forward a small amount.

Medium Kick dashes a little further forward, but if you are near an enemy you will dash to the other side of them, ideal for confusing the enemy that is blocking.

Heavy Kick rushes diagonally in the air and towards the opponent. You can perform any attack from this such as an aerial kunai, a regular move or an aerial shot.


(Half Circle Back + Punch)

This was a fairly typical command-taking pattern, Ibuki grabbed her opponent as long as they were close enough and made a move on them leading to a kill. This move can be used to finish combos or just to gain the upper hand in setting up combos when enemies emerge from the ground. The noteworthy EX version is that she glides through about half the length of the screen when opening the screen before starting to grab, meaning it can be done when reacting from range.

Kazekiri – Ibuki

(Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)

Her uppercut, and a powerful move with great combined potential. Buttons are used to define speed, height, and distance. The EX version can be combined with Kunai in the air for a bit more damage.

Kunai Ikkinage

(Hold & Release: Punch / When Airbone Hold: Kick)

This particular move was a risky strategy – it caused her to throw all of his Kunai’s stockpiles, however there was still plenty. At that point, you won’t be stuck anymore unless you find time and space to reload, so be careful. It is activated by pressing and holding any button on the ground. When you release, she will rip her Kunai apart. In the air, this is done exactly the same way but with the kick button.

Critical Art (Super) – Kachofugetsu

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)

Ibuki slid around half the length of the screen on the ground with a low kick. As long as the low kick hits the ground, even at the end of its slide, she will flip the opponent into the air and hurl them back to the floor painfully. This move takes a solid damage, but it also has the ability to be linked or executed when reacting to a powerful move.