April 21, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Kage



Kage is the first character for Season 4. His name means Dark in Japanese and it is the physical embodiment of Satsui no Hado, an evil force rooted in mankind’s obsession with power.

Biggest strength of Kage


His greatest strength is when he can get close. He has a very good standing Oki, and a good mix at the end of the combo gives you an edge when you want to use your goal advantage against a defeated opponent.

Biggest weakness of Kage

One of his biggest weaknesses is that in order to put pressure on his opponent he almost needs to be in a gap, which is worse by the fact that he doesn’t have many paths to taste. that mind effectively. The player will not only allow you to step closer to them, so it is a challenge that you must overcome while playing as Kage.

Tips for playing as Kage

Be Patient

Of course, you need a lot of patience when perfecting any character but this is especially important if you want to play well with him. He doesn’t have any great ways to physically close the gap when facing another character, so you really need to prepare and wait for your moment.

You can’t be too rushed or too eager to play him. For example, when a Cammy is dancing, the opponent is forced to guess to what extent Cammy will do next, but you don’t get that luxury like Kage. He does scuba dive in the air but it’s not that great. You shouldn’t be in a rush with him, take your time when approaching your opponents.

Prioritize positioning over damage

It’s not always possible to end your combos with damage if you want the best Oki hits. In many cases, if you end up with the most damaging move, you will lose pressure then which means you will return to state one and have to slow down your moment wait again. Sometimes you have to sacrifice damage and position instead. With Kage, it will always be more beneficial to you in the long run if you prioritize location overusing high damage moves to finish off.

Utilize Kage’s V-Skill

Make sure to use his V-Skill as neutral as possible. It has a lot of range, so even though it is minus two, it’s quite far away and is definitely your safest choice. If the timing is good, you can use it to block or beat some of your opponent’s moves but that takes practice. It also helps build his V-Trigger, which is arguably his best way to be oppressive – this is an area you’ll definitely want to focus on.

Should you play this character?


Kage does take decent damage in the right situation and he can be overpowered with a V-Trigger but you need to be a patient player with good fundamentals.

He’s the best he can be in the high mid-range. Personally, I don’t think he’s a high-level character. I did not expect him to appear much in the professional arena honestly. However, for a casual gamer, he’s really fun to play. His combos look sick and you can do some flashy things when you activate his V. Most players can catch him relatively well but he is definitely hard to master.