April 21, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Ken



Although Ken has the same ability to approach the fireball as Ryu, he differs from his teammates, especially in Street Fighter V, in his ability to ‘plunge’ opponents – face them and force them. have to dodge or take great damage. His potential lies in this, and his V-Skill as well as his V-Trigger are built to support this style of play.

How to Play as Ken


When playing as Ken, you need to understand that he is not as effective at long range as previous iterations. As mentioned earlier, he really shines in close and mid-range teamfights.

At close range, you should definitely try a return throw.

While people like to use the forward glitch as it gives them the opportunity to keep attacking, he is probably one of the few characters in the game who can knock opponents even from the middle of the screen.

Once completed, you can unleash a slow Hadoken, close the void, and resume your attack. When we talk about gap narrowing, you need to find out how much space your dash is.

Despite the fact that your normal dash is incredibly quick, Quick Step is ideal for reaching over large distances. Needless to say, but his Shoryuken is a pretty good anti-aircraft attack.

Some people also like to use Shoryuken as a wake-up to avoid frame traps, especially from Chun-Li and Cammy, but you need to understand that awakened Shoryuken is vulnerable to punishment when protected.

Skills of Ken

V-Skill: Quick Step

Ken dashed forward for a short while. The movements can then be performed directly from this dash – even a throw, which is an ideal nasty surprise for your opponent. Perfect pressure tool.

V-Trigger: Heat Rush

Ken also rushed forward, but after escaping from the dash, he was engulfed in flames. His moves are drastically boosted, with his light punch extremely difficult to punish and his Spinning Kick is now more deadly, among others. This lasts until the V-Trigger Gauge is exhausted.

Special Moves of Ken



(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

He threw the ball of fire from his bare hands. The fireball’s speed is affected by the button you choose – the slowest LP, from there. The fireball EX is fastest and more powerful, while the V-Trigger version has changed its properties.


(Z-Motion + Punch / Forward, Down, Forward + Punch)

Ken uppercuts – an ideal anti-air layer. The height and strength of the uppercut are affected by the button used, with LP being the shortest and least damaging and HP being the highest and most painful. Stronger top lanes give you more chance to attack if you miss or blocked. There is an EX version of this move and the V-Trigger property change version.

Many newbies find the Shoryuken movement difficult to perform. The easiest way to do it is to press forward and then quickly pull down and perform a fireball move, complete it with a punch at the end. So as long as you do this with a skillful move, a Shoryuken will appear. Practice! It gets easier over time.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

(Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)

He spins in a circle and moves around the screen. This move will pierce projectiles like Fireballs if the timing is right. It can also be done when jumping. An EX version is available but does not move, instead of rotating in place to deal more damage.

Critical Art (Super) – Guren Enjinkyaku

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Kick)

Ken lunged forward with a speedy kick. If it is caught, it will transform into a complete move that deals a considerable amount of damage.