April 18, 2021


Game CMD 368

Street Fighter 5: How to play character Laura



Newcomer Laura is at least part of the grappler, but some of her moves make her one of the more versatile ones in that character style, including a bullet attack and a V-Skill is crossroads – she can face you and become dead a lot easier than most.

How to Play as Laura


One of the most devastating and annoying attacks at her disposal was her unstoppable pitching of Sunset Wheel. Using a stance attack, you can easily scare the opponent, make a mistake, and get punished by you.

Players are more likely to play defensively against Laura, which is why you need to weigh your options, learn your opponent’s gameplay, take on, and use your unbounded abilities.

However, there are somethings players need to keep in mind. Firstly, if your opponent backs away, catch up with HP.

Second, if you are aware of the fact that your opponent has an invincible reversal ability, you should always be prepared to land in your Crush Combo.

To do this, it’s important that you read the reversal well and punish it! You will also meet opponents who try to avoid the Twilight Wheel by jumping away.

To counter these opponents, players need to rely on your standing LK, which can be linked into combos and limit their ability to leave the ground or you can punish them with their HP Bolt Charge. me.

Skills of Laura

V-Skill: Volty Line

Her V-Skill has many versions. The vanilla version has her perform a spinning overhead kick that can hit opponents who are blocking low and move slightly across the screen.

There are also other variations, which are done by holding or forwarding as you press the buttons. If you just lightly touch, Laura will rush in the direction you are holding. If you hold the MK / MP, she will continue that with the same overhead kick – making a solid kick. Her V-Skill is greatly strengthened when her V-Trigger is active.

V-Trigger: Spark Show

She electrifies herself – and as a result, her Thunder Clap projectile lasts longer and flies farther, while all of her special attacks and moves now deal additional stun damage. Her V skill has also been significantly buffed.

Special Moves of Laura


Bolt Charge

(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

An elbow attack caused Laura to move slightly on the screen. The Medium moves further away from light, while Hard hits the top and can be used as an air barrier above. The EX version is an upgraded version of the medium variant.

Split River

(Quarter Circle Forward + Medium Punch >> Punch)

The medium version of Bolt Charge, followed by a grapple knocking down the opponent, landed her on the opposite side of where she started. This can also be done with the Bolt Charge’s EX version.

Rodeo Break

(Quarter Circle Forward + Medium Punch >> Kick)

Similar to Split River, this followed Bolt Charge and turned into a grapple, but with this move, Laura landed on the same side she started with. Again, this can also be done with the Bolt Charge’s EX version.

Thunder Clap

(Quarter Circle Back + Punch)

Her short-range electric bullet attack. The button used determines the strength and distance of the projectile, and holding the button can charge the projectile to make it more efficient. The EX version has maximum efficiency at no charge.

Sunset Wheel

(Half Circle Back + Kick)

Her frequent command manipulation, this gesture grabbed the opponent and smashed them to the ground in a firm grip. The EX version has a handy dash at the top, which can be used to keep an opponent off guard from behind a bit.

Critical Art (Super) – Inazuma Spin

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Kick)

A supercharged version of her Twilight Wheel attack acts as the one to finish her off. This has an exceptionally great range for a grapple and can be done from more or less half of the screen and still capture.