April 14, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Lucia



Lucia Morgan is a character from the Final Fight series of defeats. She first appeared in Final Fight 3 and is one of the four playable main characters. She then debuted Street Fighter as a playable character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

The fighting style of Lucia


She fights with self-taught Kenpo and self-defense techniques. She also uses a baton in battle.

Moveset of Lucia

She is an agile fighter, using kicks in most of her attacks. She has the ability to emit flames from her feet.

Some of her kicking abilities in Street Fighter V are similar to Blair Dame’s Kick when she performs her combos against opponents and the other is Chun-Li’s special attacks.

Her first V-Trigger was Burning Fight, where her fiery kicks were amplified and her second V-Trigger was Weapon Fury, where she launched her combo blow at opponents with some kicks and some punches.

Her art criticism is Hard Hit Knee; Lucia unleashed a knee jump, followed by a spinning kick. If any of the initial two hits connect, she kicks her opponent into the air and rushes towards them and unleashes a series of fiery swirl kicks, ending with a Storm Ball rushes into the middle of the opponent, causing a huge explosion.

Most of her attacks are also very focused on combinations that require a button connection between attacks, and some of her fist-based attacks are slow but powerful while her kicks are fast. than. Her struggles to mimic her Final Fight throws and her 2nd V-Trigger lets her use a baton.



A young and petite female detective in SCU (Special Crime Unit) from within the Metro City Police Department, Lucia cuts off Haggar while he is talking to Guy, informing the two that the city is under attack and from there, who wants to repay Haggar back with an act of personal gratitude since he previously cleared her of a false allegation of corruption, joined forces with him, Guy, and a mysterious street warrior named Dean to fight against and defeat the Skull Cross Gang, who founded Metro City’s new dominant crime organization after the fall and destruction of Mad Gear Gang.

In her character story, she was making instant ramen until Mike Haggar came to visit her, who was reminiscing about their previous mission to deal with the Mad Gear gang. At Haggar’s request, she then investigates the scrap metal house owned by Abigail, thinking he is still part of the Mad Gear gang and beating him up.

Upon realizing that Abigail was no longer with the Mad Gear gang because both she and Roxy were mocking him for his ruined face during the fight. Then, taking place after the story of Cody’s character, where he fights Guy’s master Zeku and is scolded by Marlowe for damaging the street light, she has a fight with him and Cody loses.

Cody also recalls an old-time when they teamed up to fight the Mad Gear gang and Lucia realized that Cody was also the mayor who specialized in fighting those who worked at night by dabbling in their hands. his business.