April 22, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Menat



Menat is a video game character in the Street Fighter series, first appearing in the second DLC installment of Street Fighter V. She is a young Egyptian fortune teller living in Palazzo Mistero in Italy. and is an apprentice to using Rose’s Soul Power.

Fighting style and abilities


She fights using the same Soul Power as Rose, so her abilities are somewhat similar to that of her teacher. Menat uses a floating crystal ball named Left Eye of the Lion to attack his opponent. She also uses movements like complex choreography.

Moveset of Menat

Her V-Trigger is Thoth’s Wisdom; she summons six orbs, each linked to her normal attacks. Pressing and releasing a normal attack will cause the ball to fly towards the opponent. She can release any orb using another orb.

Her skill V is Soul Reflect: Kamal / Stella; while the crystal ball is retracted, it allows her to reflect back the average projectile at the opponent. If the crystal ball is sent out into battle before using her V-Skill, it will absorb ballistic projectiles to help build her V-Gauge. This can also be used to fling opponents into the air to help expand combos.

Her V-Reversal is the Lion’s Left Eye.

Her Critical Art is Nefertem; She unleashes a single orb to trap her opponent with multiple attacks to deal fatal damage.

Story of Menat

Menat appeared behind Ed, warning him of his fate and that he and someone else are going through hard times. After fighting Ed, she warned him again of his fate before disappearing. She then meets Oro and tries to warn him of her predictions (which he is already aware of). Her crystal ball then glows, showing M. Bison. She had to deal with the lower rank Shadaloo and Aprile soldiers. After frustratingly defeating them, she warns them of Bison’s fate before escaping.


During development, her early designs included a “Pizza Killer,” an Italian delinquent named Rita, and a magician. She is also considered to use other objects for the attack, including smoke and gold dust, and is a tahtib fighter with a staff. She was originally intended to be an Italian like Rose before being settled as Egyptian.

Her name “Menat” is the name used for the goddess Hathor. With slightly different hieroglyphics, it alludes to an ancient Egyptian artifact closely related to the goddess Hathor. It is used as a talisman, meant to ensure good fortune and fortune and protect from evil spirits.

Also, her hairstyle and overall look are likely related to Cleopatra. She also performs several poses that mimic a cat, a homage to Egyptian culture, where they adore cats.

Personality of Menat


She can act a bit empty-headed at times, but she has a polite but serious attitude. She travels the world imparting various omen. At times, she can appear childish, energetic, and energetic. She may be annoyed with certain people, as with the lower level Shadaloo soldiers.


Rose: She has a lot of respect for Rose, whom she has always referred to as “Master”, and tends to mimic both her voice and actions.

Maggio: She is currently working alongside Maggio, who is looking for his sister Aprile.

G: Menat is tasked with checking G and seeing how strong he is. She underestimated him by Rose drawing “The Fool” while divining him. This directly leads to her being defeated by G and asking Rose to avenge her for her personal humiliation.